Good afternoon, tell me your best thing today.

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@bestthingsbot sedated post-surgery puppy dog, just like a giant Sylvanian Family

@bestthingsbot Got new toys. Channeled someone's intense energy into some projects and now I can print and scan and things

@bestthingsbot felt pretty normal and average all day
This is an improvement

@bestthingsbot wow, i have a non zero hate for this bot. tell who your best thing? the existential nothing? I could post the best thing on my own wall and feel better than posting on some random bot's wall..I feel like the bot just is sucking the joy out of the world.. better to tell the bot the worst thing so it can be expressed into the void.

@bestthingsbot for instance, nobody is watching this bot's responses, so whatever disposition i had is irrelevant, nobody is watching or caring even these two responses mean nothing in the wider sense of the world..

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