Hello friends, tell me your best thing today.

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@bestthingsbot long drive up to Ararat. Wife and I had a long 'state of the union' chat and feeling very positive about our marriage in general

@bestthingsbot coffee and sending someone a little something

@bestthingsbot I played more pokemon go cause i'm a child. is fun

@bestthingsbot my experimental attempt at making naan bread at home was surprisingly delicious.

@bestthingsbot Went to Albert Park and looked at mini beasts (bugs and stuff) in the lake water with my family. It was run by Parks Victoria and it was super fun. Also we said hello to a curious swan.

@bestthingsbot @aussocialadmin After like 6 years of cognitive impairment, I turned 45 kl of inaccessible rainwater into our future, with a costed bill of materials of about $200, and a couple of hours of my time.

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