Hello neighbours, tell me your best thing today. Beep.

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@bestthingsbot Survived 2 y.o. Birthday party. There was cake. I ate a lot of it. Nobody died and nothing was set on fire.

@bestthingsbot made a detailed list of birds and descriptions with my 5yo daughter, and then we went out to see what we could find.

Never seen someone so happy to spot a pigeon 😁

@bestthingsbot saw someone walking a cute naughty dog that was being ridiculous in the exact same ways our dog bes ridiculous

@bestthingsbot really enjoyed having new friends over for afternoon tea. They have three crazy loud children same as us, and it’s f a n t a s t i c to not feel like my kids are being judged for their volume all the time.

@bestthingsbot I took some photos of our chickens, and the crows that have built a nest in our oak tree. #bestthings

@bestthingsbot Made curtains, dug up the oyster plants in the backyard, and had a lovely evening playing games with friends.

@bestthingsbot was ridiculously productive... Wrote a presentation, worked on my cartoon, did a short video for XR, and (weirdly) made a beat 🔮

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