Hello neighbours, tell me your best thing today. Beep.

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@bestthingsbot I did a test run of homemade spinach and feta pastries (first of three vegan fetas to try).

@bestthingsbot watching my 3yr old doing what I can only assume was a Shakespeare monologue in her towel-poncho. It was dramatic and captivating, then degenerated into "and I *stomp*, and I *stomp*" over and over.
Very entertaining.

This one wanting to snuggle. (I may have had to steal her doona to achieve this.)

@bestthingsbot Got our new car and did a proper weekend lazy day

@bestthingsbot My first day off with the house to ourselves for a couple of weeks.

@bestthingsbot had some old friends around for dinner. The kids all played while the grown ups had wine and nice food.

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