Hello neighbours, Tell me your best thing today. Boop.

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@bestthingsbot Submitting two large pieces of work-in-progress to my supervisors for feedback.

@bestthingsbot Had a nice morning tea and lunch with my mum and the boy. Have more concrete plans for the whole birthday party and holiday thing now.

@bestthingsbot feeling happy. Getting stuff done. Contemplating meditation tonight 🧘‍♂️

@bestthingsbot Coded our first Aus.Social bot, Got a tiny promotion to team lead, and I'm showing my friend around Singapore tonight.

@bestthingsbot perfect winter weather and I spent the whole day outside

@bestthingsbot can see the light at end of tunnel for this issue

@bestthingsbot I rediscovered an old acquaintance from an online community, that had been struggling with very severe depression.

He appears very well and I'm looking forward to rekindling our friendship.

@bestthingsbot I set up an experimental Masto instance to play around with.

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