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look! at! this! cuddly! little! bundle!
winter always makes her so much more affectionate, and boneless.

I'm in the last 4 weeks of my undergrad, and I'm simultaneously having intense nostalgia and regret about it finishing, but also being struck with zero motivation or healthy mental state to do the course work that my brain is telling me I will really miss... how did that happen?

If you could ever so kindly tell me the best thing that happened to you today. That would be most lovely.

had my booster, then got told the day after I might be a close contact. if I end up contracting covid just before the booster will I be double sick? ugh whyy

whichever committee is in charge of pretending the queen is still alive until a convenient date could do us a real favour on 10th april this year just saying

I bought a new pair of
shoes with memory
foam insoles.
No more forgetting
why I walked into
the kitchen.

may I offer you a wholesome meme in these trouble times?

@bean OK, so now I HAD to look it up (I was considering leaving it a mystery.) We were, unsurprisingly, correct.

From etymology online: ""letters of a language arranged in customary order," 1570s, from Late Latin alphabetum (Tertullian), from Greek alphabetos, from alpha + beta.

any festive season book/film/tv/music/sanity recomms?

any company operating after 1983 can't operate, all they know is mass firings, manipulate stock price, and lie

@silverseams tbh all of the zuckerverse seems fundamentally broken

Got a spam DM on Instagram, marked it as such, and now the notification on Facebook (they're linked because business) is stuck because I didn't actually read the DM there. Fix your 💩, Zuck!

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