ok so hear me out
I deleted Facebook a few months ago, very freeing, fuck zucc, it's great. BUT I do really miss some of the local Facebook groups, particularly the LGBT community group here which has stuff on events etc, so wondering if I should just make a new account much as I hate the platform, just for that.
I'm also kinda like 'ive got a bunch of social media platforms already I don't need more'....idk
I know I'm a drop in the ocean but I feel conflicted about this. how do y'all feel about the usefulness v frustratingness of fb

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@bean If you're careful about curating the FB experience to purely what you need, it'll be fine. Just use it for the specific social interactions you're after, and block -anyone- who even tries anything. Treat it like an event calendar for that group

@bean Living overseas it's been a great way to stay in touch with my older relatives. I make ample use of an ad blocker, the Social Fixer facebook filter, and . Those automated filters, along with liberal use of the "30 day timeout" facebook feature, makes it worthwhile without too much effort.

My significantly older relatives, 87 and 99 y/o, never got on facebook, so we exchange old school email every few months, as was done back in the day with written letters.

@bean I found FB groups rapidly and completely replaced by Discord, an actual group chat tool with no interest in you beyond the site. YMMV

@Cacotopos discord is excellent! maybe I'll see if people would want to get involved with one. thank u!

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