as someone with asthma made worse by covid, I'd really appreciate if venues listed that they're going to use smoke machines at events so I can know not to go.

as a bisexual person, I know what it's like to be erased from the narrative and largely ignored. That's why this month I'll be partnering with Staedtler, to-

As a non-binary person I’ve often been told that I look the wrong way and that I “owe” people a specific kind of androgyny. It’s really emotionally taxing. That’s why this Pride I’m partnering with the ATO-

I've been booked for the first time in years to do facepaint at an event (a pride event!). I've been furiously practicing my rainbows and stealing my partner's hand to practice lgbt+ flags. the colourful chaos!!

Today’s card is Justice, wishing you clarity and strength today. We are responsible for the choices we make, intentional or not, so take a moment to check if yours line up with your values

does anyone else just really appreciate the homey, community vibe on here? it warms my heart to think of how nice mastodon is, compared to the sh#tshow that is the major social media sites. 🌿🌿
whats your fave thing about mastodon?

happy pride month & also happy our flag means death renewal 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈☠️✨

ok so hear me out
I deleted Facebook a few months ago, very freeing, fuck zucc, it's great. BUT I do really miss some of the local Facebook groups, particularly the LGBT community group here which has stuff on events etc, so wondering if I should just make a new account much as I hate the platform, just for that.
I'm also kinda like 'ive got a bunch of social media platforms already I don't need more'....idk
I know I'm a drop in the ocean but I feel conflicted about this. how do y'all feel about the usefulness v frustratingness of fb

why is Canberra public transport so terrible? its so unreliable & makes it really hard to get around

a bit late, but is anyone else feeling mind-blowing relief at the election result? life might be a teensy bit less fucked for a bit.

currently reading Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende. really enjoying it. what are you reading?

getting my car towed this morning just in time for a far away first day at a new job...I forgot how appalling the public transport in my town is

my sweet lil bub is sick, so she has to be rugged up in her little cost while she fights the infection. she is not at all pleased about this.

ID: a small tortoishell cat sitting loaflike on a desk in a blue green and white crocheted jumper

starting a little garden patch out the back from my compost heap, but I gotta keep the possums away. any thoughts? chicken wire?

Daily link: signs and portents 

"We hear with the greatest Astonishment, that near Riga in Livonia, has been seen in the open Sky, a fiery Rod, which struck about it, and the Points of the Rod were full of blood. Four great Swords stood at the Stary Heaven, which very often vanished, and soon appeared again; they did strike together like Flashes of Fire round a House it was frightful to behold. Likewise was to be seen with Horror, a pretty large Coffin, which was covered with three Dead heads; also a Pyramid and Serpent."

Wordle 313 6/6


oof that was close

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