“TikTok poses an unacceptable national security risk due to its extensive data harvesting being combined with Beijing’s apparently unchecked access to that sensitive data.” – Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

This is true.

Now replace TikTok with Facebook, Snapchat, <insert Silicon Valley Big Tech corporation or startup here> and Beijing with Washington, DC and…

This is also true.



#peopleFarming #surveillanceCapitalism #BigTech #humanRights #democracy


@aral I appreciate you trying to flip the context, but none of the social networks are accessible by mere mortals in China. And perhaps that’s your point, but is putting up walls and using China as an example the answer?
Perhaps what you intended was to suggest that government should stay out of the social network data pools, but I think we’ve seen what happens when big tech companies have unfettered access to users. It becomes a free for all of exploitation and manipulation for profit.
So where’s the balance here? I think the EU is on the right path putting citizen rights first, generally speaking. The implantation may be a little ham fisted at this time but it will get better.
The answer, as I see it, is not found in extremism allowing or banning all access, but a balanced approach determined by *good* governance.
Now, what does good look like to you?

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