Hi Mastodonians, I'm new around here and I'm learning the ropes. Happy for anyone to point me in the direction of how to get the most out of this platform. I have varied and extensive interests and I'm mostly housebound for 3 years due to so have plenty of time to utilise.
Ex-programmer/IT nerd; Ex-Emergency Registered Nurse Manager; Current permaculture designer.

@bananamangodog Welcome!

I have a little guide to mastodon/fediverse here: It's incomplete, haven't found the time to write the last few entries, but a good intro imo.

Another nice guide:

@cadadr thanks for the tips, I was thinking of doing something similar based on my steep learning curve now that I'm here. Perhaps we can collaborate, I'll check out your guide and get back to you.

@bananamangodog Hi there! Always lovely to see new people on here. I hope you enjoy it here and decide to stick around.
Here's one quick tip: if you're lookign for folks to follow, check out Trunk!
Or @FediFollows; that one's got a bunc hof great recommendations.

Hi @Mayana thanks for the tips and nice to meet you. Your profile says you're blind, what's your experience like on Mastodon as a platform as a blind person? Do you use TTS or voice controls to get around?

Hello @bearwalker nice to meet you. Sorry about your friend/boss, may the journey to the creator be insightful.

@bananamangodog Hi and welcome to the fediverse! Post interesting stuff, be kind and look for interesting people. I’m sure you will find bunch of folk here to share with.

@muppeth thanks for the welcome, and I'll do my best to post interesting stuff.

@ChrisWere thank you for the welcome. BTW that Ed Shearing video was great!

@bananamangodog Welcome to the party. It takes some time/effort to build your circle/blob but OTOH is really nice , just begin following some people and build your your list little by little in some time you will get a nice list of varied people you follow and that follow you. Have a great time and any doubt ask around you will usually find helpful people around here (not that there are no assholes but less that in other social networks)

Thanks @ghostdancer, we seem to have in common 👍I've been on here for about 24 hours now and I'm yet to find an asshole, I would have completed that quest in minutes on other platforms.

Permaculture has very cool concepts.

If you tolerate french, you could check out @permaculture (from PeerTube)

Thanks @jcast I'll check them out and see how much I can tolerate ;-)

@matera thanks for the welcome. And we might just get along, I think I'm mad too.

@bananamangodog Welcome on board. Just start following some people. If you later don't enjoy somebody's posts, it is perfectly OK to stop following them. Be nice to people, and enjoy the ride!

Thanks @bob. I love your work with Libreserver! Thank you for making the internet better.

@bananamangodog Anti-capitalist, geek, coder, permaculture types slot in perfectly here. Welcome! 🙂

@gemlog I feel like I'm home already, so much awesome engagement from my toot. I look forward to fitting in ;-)

@bananamangodog Oh, another thing, but maybe this is only me...
I think getting ppl to follow you or you following them like it is some kind of contest of high numbers is very weird. I think it is a result of places like fb/twit trying to get more and more data on links between ppl and data mining.
Actually following a thousand ppl's posts is insane - ain't no one got enough time in a day to do that properly! It's like drinking from a firehose.
Which, (this is my actual point) is like looking at the global timeline. Or, even the local timeline of your instance, if it's big enough.
I never look. I just read those whom I follow and what they boost into my space.

@gemlog YES! My thoughts exactly. It seems here engagement with people you don't necessarily follow is much easier and you often only need to follow those you want regular updates from. A much more civil and mature concept.

@bananamangodog It will take a while to find ppl to follow though.
I'm greedy and like to follow people smarter than me who post my interests :-)
It takes a while, but you'll eventually stop looking at the twin fire hoses. Or not. Some people *do* follow thousands of people and are in turn followed by thousands. Everyone is different. I was just mentioning how I do it.

@bananamangodog Here's a thing new users wouldn't know: URLs, no matter how long (or short!), 'cost' only 23 characters, so there is no reason to cloak URLs with shortened versions.
Also, clicking 'favourite' only informs the poster that you read it, no one else. Someone told me twit works differently, but I'm not sure.

@gemlog thanks for the tip about URL lengths; I love full length URLs as its easy to see where you're going before you get there. I think you're right that Twit counts all the characters.

@bananamangodog You're welcome. My second point (if it's a point at all; never used twit myself) is that ppl from twitter seem to think that clicking favourite in masto promotes the post? I'm not sure about that, but it seems so. Anyhow, in masto, only boosting will tell anyone else you read the post and wanted that fact known for some reason.

@gemlog I love that functionality in Mastodon. I've been called out a few times on twitter/fb for 'liking' a post that I'm generally opposed to. They never should have called it 'like'.

@bananamangodog Nor 'favourite' really either. I feel funny 'favouriting' a sad announcement of death or illness, just to let the person know I read it and was too lazy to post a real response... :-(
[bad gemlog, bad!]

@bananamangodog welcome! I hope you find interesting people and topics.

You can also try following @feditips account to get some initial … tips 😅 to engage with fediverse. Also

Thanks @xosem. Plenty of interesting people and topics replying to my

@bananamangodog Welcome to the Fediverse!
You might be interested in following the group @MECFS.

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