Hey, my friend is on her way to the ER, and she's pregnant, and I'm on the other side of the Atlantic, and can't do anything to help her from here, but maybe you all can help me help her for when she comes back home!

She's got a GoFundMe, and I'd like to surprise her with some extra support. 🙏

She's disabled like me, and that's how we became really good friends just connecting in all the troubles in our lives and baby stepping out way forward.

It would help her be able to pay rent and afford to stay safe for a little longer. If you can't donate, please boost.


@mutualaid #mutualAid

It's really fascinating and rewarding to watch new friends who had joined over the last week or two discovering fedi in more and more new deeper ways.

Finding out out about smaller instances, discovering other mobile apps, checking out Pleroma, MissKey etc.

That's why I don't get as concerned about how Mastodon has the most visibility. Yes, it does. But then people join and find out about the rest of fedi.

Come for #Mastodon, stay for the #Fediverse, basically.

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After receiving the Pfizer -19 vaccine and getting over the initial severe flu-like reaction my seemed to go into remission for the next 4 weeks. Unfortunately it didn't last, but it did make me consider why.
This suggests that the C-19 also protects against other strains including -CoV and the regular seasonal cold versions.
Could it be that my ME/CFS was triggered or caused by latent coronavirus infection?


On my bad days with I'm stuck in bed or on the couch and feel super unproductive. Even though I don't function well mentally at those times I'm considering trying to learn something new.
I haven't coded for years (COBOL, C, C++, perl) but am thinking of getting back into it. Any thoughts on to consider? I'd love to eventually contribute to and/or projects.
Suggestions on where to start?

I live on the urban fringe and keep ducks and chickens. A fox attacked my ducks last night (all survived luckily) so I have set a trap tonight and am lying in wait.

Hi Mastodonians, I'm new around here and I'm learning the ropes. Happy for anyone to point me in the direction of how to get the most out of this platform. I have varied and extensive interests and I'm mostly housebound for 3 years due to so have plenty of time to utilise.
Ex-programmer/IT nerd; Ex-Emergency Registered Nurse Manager; Current permaculture designer.


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