so the ABC removed a longstanding feature on their web site of radio programs being downloadable as MP3 files; and i DON'T want their yet-another-phone-app (tracker) installed on my phone; monumentally pissed off; guess nobody would admit knowing about a workaround

started a new job; they asked if i wanted a Mac, Windows or Linux laptop - so now i have an Ubuntu box; times they're a changing

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My Dad suffered terribly from (not silicosis) in his final years, more than 40 years after he ceased installing telephone PABX systems in asbestos-riddled office buildings & factories. It took decades for the symptoms to appear, and they were debilitating.

I used to help him shop every week & it would take him about an hour to walk the ~200 metres from Coles at Warringah Mall to the bus interchange, as he would have to stop every 10 or 15 metres & rest for a few minutes to catch his breath. If is anything like asbestosis, Australia needs to ban the use of artificial stone (mainly used for kitchen benchtops) ASAP.

"For the last 60 years, silicosis was very rare in Australia. Due to the increased use of artificial stone, we are now seeing a re-emergence of this terrible disease."

Banning artificial stone could prevent 100 lung cancers and 1,000 cases of silicosis, where dust scars the lungs

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This is an excellent, fairly easy to understand, explainer article on the Higgs boson, dark matter, the Large Hadron Collider & what secrets of the Universe may (hopefully) be revealed over coming years.

"if you had a race between the protons we’ve accelerated and light itself, right around the Earth, at the finish line our particles would only be 40 centimetres behind"

What’s the ‘God particle’, Higgs boson, and could we find a fifth force of nature?

so what's the deal with images here? i click on one, a window with a checkered background pops up, a blue progress bar indicates something (image loading?) and then nothing - no image there, just checkered bgnd window; using browser (Brave) on desktop

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I just read this neat and short post on "monitoring tiny web services" by @b0rk :

I haven't used the uptime services that were mentioned, but I'll be sure to try them out:


I'm currently using for some of my own monitoring, which seems better suited to things that aren't HTTP services (or aren't public)

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Lizard photos 

Annotated photo to make it clearer what's going on.

Executive summary: I turned my skink's thermostat down and he found a way to (temporarily) turn it back up again.

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