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:goose_honk: :sickos2: I'm going to reboot the server now. Adding additional memory and CPU.

BRB in 10 minutes

:mastodondance2: Good afternoon, Please remember to add Content Warnings early, Content Warnings often. :goose_hacker: :goose_honk:

:democracysausage: posting without a CW, you better be sure that's a paddling.

It's not a crime to be horny on main, but the local timeline is not a place for exhibitionism! Please mark your content as sensitive, with a content warning!

or you'll get moderated away.

*grumbles in admin* I dun wanna and never will read your damn dms.

:leftsharkdance: I'm upgrading the server tonight. I've had a few hours of downtime in the last 3 and a bit years. So hopefully I only add a few additional minutes to my total tonight. :awesome:

As one of the main Mastodon developers, I can't promise you that Mastodon will be a complete and exact Twitter replacement for you, but it may fit your use-cases, at least it does for me.

Just keep in mind that it is not exactly the same thing, some core design decisions are different (there isn't an unique centrally-governed website, but many interconnected servers operated by different individuals and organizations) and thus the tradeoffs can be different as well.

While I personally don't think Mastodon should aim at being an exact replacement to Twitter, I do hope Mastodon can be useful to more people wanting an alternative to Twitter! And I know there are lots of room for improvement, on things we do know, and on things we don't.

Also keep in mind that Mastodon is developed by only two core developers payed through a non-profit funded through sponsorship, grants and donations, so please be patient!

:flipturt: :rollbear: Hello everybody, normally I would boost the and posts, but because we're got a hundred of them today, I'll ask you to keep an eye on those hashtags.

It's a fun ride. :coolstorybob:

@PC_FiveDockPS Hello. Sorry for the ban. I get a lot of spam, so you got caught in the net.

I've marked you as a real person :)


Hi, I'm Peter. I live in Tassie, make mobile apps, and enjoy programming and fiddling with computers etc.

hi guys I'm currently an undergraduate student from unimelb. I'm majoring in Property, like valuation, development and finance.

Also really interested in figure skating games and pop musics. I really into Elton John recently!!! Love Rocket Man!!! Feel free to chat with me, and if I make any big language mistake, just let me know!! Always want to improve my English skill.

Guess what! Mastodon’s official #Android app was finally approved and is now on the Play Store.

F-Droid submission still being processed.

I'm Locke , 34 fluidy enby thingy, he/they. Australian living in Finland since 2018. Software developer (former CS researcher) with a finger in every pie (cybersec, devops, normal dev, cloud)

I sometimes make music, albeit not in recent times though. Plays strategy games, simracing, and whatever the latest AAA RPG is. I also used to make interactive fiction and teach.

Erm hello ... it's my i guess ... yes, same nickzoic as on and github and python and so on., only now in Mastodon flavour.

post huh?

Well I'm mvyrmnd, I'm a sysadmin with a cybersecurity bent. Otherwise I like auspol (yeah, I know...) and I just built a car for a charity rally.

Show me your Ukrainian Farmer memes.

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