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Well my friends have decided to go public. One of those friends/relatives lives in Australia so I thought hey why not keep in touch here.

Although I already know that supports cross-instance communication so I didn't need to create an account here but I wanna show her this place and since you have a place for Mastodon I thought...


Hi Guys, I'm Randell, Studying Engineering and pleased to be part of a new social community.

@mike So I've annoyed the Mastodon devs they ignore me (rightly so) but wanna complain about the auto follow again ;)

:goose_honk: Done. We're running Mastodon 3.4.0

:fistbump: Mastodon has been upgraded without issue? Hopefully. Maybe.

:100_blimey: Upgrading to Mastodon 3.4.0 in the next 15 minutes.

:oh_no_bubble: Might experience a few seconds of downtime or error messages.

:psyduck: For more information, they published some details here

Hello all! I'm an Aussie currently living overseas in Europe. I'm a programmer, gamer, reader and nerd of many flavours. Glad to be here!

Obligatory post. This is Rosie, assistant programmer, adventurer, kitten/puppy/demon blend, and the reason we can't have nice things (esp. glasses).

I am an electrical engineering student, passionate about diy electronics, free software and hardware, and repairing or repurposing anything that can be. Love all people, respect all people, empower all people. Enjoy meandering and long-winded conversations about life, the universe and everything. Very open but also introverted.

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Welcome to thundertoot! A Mastodon Instance for 'straya