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Hey Everyone! I'm new to the platform and haven't ever really done social media in the past either. I'm currently getting my PhD in Physics and have yet to find a subject of study that doesn't have some fascinating aspect about it (hence my username) I learn everything I possibly can and find everything intriguing! A decentralized media platform is super cool and I wanted to see how the environment differs from what I have seen twitter to be like..

Upgraded PostgreSQL, Redis and Elasticsearch, then restarted instance services. Everything looks fine. Only a few seconds of downtime reported.

Message me if you experience any side effects. :duck2:

Heya! I'm new to this instance and to Mastodon in general. Would like to know what being on this site is like.

Hello! I am Rob. I am learning Irish and Scottish Gaelic, plus the Piano Accordion. Only started the accordion since COVID.

Hi, I'm Leo, I'm from Hobart Tasmania and I do a lot of things. I'm a developer, workshop host, electronics tinkerer, Linux person, community member. I try to do a bit of everything. Which leads to a very busy life hehe. I joined Mastodon mostly because I wasn't liking Twitter, it wasn't working for me. Curious to see what's on here!

Announcement :clapping:

I've launched a sister site called is a "Mobilizon" instance - Offers an alternative to Facebook Groups and Facebook Events!

So if you want to run public events or public groups (or migrate away from Facebook). Please consider giving it a look.

This is a "newish" service and will improve over time.

P.S. This instance is connected with so events will be shared (run by our friends at chinwag)

I have just joined and figured I would have a toot. I expect it will take a bit to fathom this place. But hi all. Hope everyone has had an enjoyable day. I live on the West Coast. Beautiful days at the present. : :welp: Welp?

@aussocialadmin hi de ho, I’m a freshie recently moved countries from New Zealand to Northern Rivers NSW. We have a crazy dog named Ben and our son has just started high school.

Loving the warm water and warm welcome!

Hi Everyone, my name is Chris and I'm from WA. I live by the beach about 40 min north of Perth. We moved from Newcastle to Karratha in 2011 and enjoyed life in Pilbara for 4 years until a change in work saw us move to Perth. I now work FIFO as a maintenance superintendent based in Port Hedland and love working in the Pilbara, its rugged landscape, extremely hot climate and the timelessness keep me working there. Having moved to open source a while ago Mastadon is an attractive alternative.

I'm an Artist (aren't we all in someway) my website is which will tell you more about me if you are interested. Currently I'm converting a 1994 Ford Transit into a mobile studio and camper. Feeling my way at this stage in the network.

I've been here for a fair while, really just saying "hi" to those recently come on board. My bio says pretty much all you need to know, although I have chronic health issues which I can talk about quite frankly and openly.

"Surgubben" is a lose translation of "the grumpy bloke."

Hello everyone!
I am a front-end web developer whose slowly getting further and further into more back-end technologies too.
Outside of that i love to sketch (digitally and traditionally), do photography, play video games, as well as do aerial fitness.

I have a cat. his name is Bobo and he is always hungry

I’m a writer, editor, book show broadcaster and prof writing teacher in Melbs. Been a bit silent on here for a while. But so great to see all the new gold

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