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I've been here for a fair while, really just saying "hi" to those recently come on board. My bio says pretty much all you need to know, although I have chronic health issues which I can talk about quite frankly and openly.

"Surgubben" is a lose translation of "the grumpy bloke."

Hello everyone!
I am a front-end web developer whose slowly getting further and further into more back-end technologies too.
Outside of that i love to sketch (digitally and traditionally), do photography, play video games, as well as do aerial fitness.

I have a cat. his name is Bobo and he is always hungry

I’m a writer, editor, book show broadcaster and prof writing teacher in Melbs. Been a bit silent on here for a while. But so great to see all the new gold

Hello Fediversers! I mostly talk shit and post train stuff as unlisted content. Send a follow request for the other stuff listed in my profile (old tractors, shitposting, current events, whinging etc).

Welcome new neighbours! Bin night is Sunday, green waste and recycling bins alternating fortnights. Post lost of animals. Bowls club trivia night has a meat tray. Shitposting is endemic to the region.

Hi all👋😊 Good to see some fellow writers here. I'm working my way through a trilogy of science fiction/climate fiction novels and have other contrasting literary projects on the backburner. I've been very busy on FB for many years but like the rest of us I'm fed up with them and the way they behave. Live happily in Melbourne and have many friends here. 🤗 if you think you know me from Facebook please let me know!

Hi everyone! Lovely to have an Australian social media platform. I am a former journalist and now do editing work on book manuscripts and theses. I also write, and have self-published three fantasy novels and a poetry book. I have lived in the tropical coastal city of Mackay in Queensland since 1985.

Hi, this is exciting to see a new alternative to FB. I’m an editor, author and oral historian from Bridgetown in the beautiful Blackwood Valley of WA.

Hello to all of our (30+) new Neighbours to

I'll keep an eye on the server, but if we experience any problems.. I'll upgrade the server to support the extra people tonight.. *Waves* :vibing:

Hi, I'm in Benala, Victoria. Let me have a bit of look around and I'll introduce myself a little better.

Hello folks.

I'm a curmudgeonly academic (mathematics, IT, governance) looking to divorce myself from, errr... another and more popular social platform.

My loves are reading, music (classical), writing (poetry, technical blogging) when I can. I'm currently reading "These Truths" by Jill Lepore, a one volume history of the USA, that most fascinating and infuriating of countries.

I'm new here (hi!) - I would love to follow some people/interesting folks, but I need to know who they are. Please send me a note/mention or update your profile so I know who you are.

Hi. I am an editor and lover of reading, food and robust discussion.

Hi all!

I'm a programmer from Melbourne, Australia.
Into rock climbing, assorted nerdery, and a few other things.

I'll probably spend a while lurking while I get used to the Fediverse (I've never been that prolific on social media anyways), but figured I'd at least say hello.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ilia [ˈɪlɪə] and I am from Melbourne. I like reading (currently reading "The Practice" by Seth Godin). I am an amateur photographer. I also like sci-fi movies and games. Professionally, I am a Security/DevOps guy working for Carsales.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris Rosser - fantasy author and blogger from Melbourne, and a proud father of 3.

I’ve discovered Mastodon after looking for something better that the Twitter Dumpster file, and I’m interested in the Fediverse.


Hi, just wanted to introduce myself, I’m from South Australia and have an interest in reading, videogames and I like discussing politics and philosophy.

I’m currently reading Magician by Raymond E. Feist and playing Hades on the Switch.

Anyone playing/reading anything interesting?

Hello there. My name is Jannah. I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I teach primary school English Language. So far I've only been to Brisbane to watch Coldplay. Went there alone, stayed at an Air BnB. Took a walk around town the day after and had a wonderful time getting to know the city.

Came here to find like minded people to talk about education, philosophy, psychology, and how anime is really a medium to disperse knowledge about life.

I am also married and am a mother to 5 amazing girls.

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