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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ilia [ˈɪlɪə] and I am from Melbourne. I like reading (currently reading "The Practice" by Seth Godin). I am an amateur photographer. I also like sci-fi movies and games. Professionally, I am a Security/DevOps guy working for Carsales.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris Rosser - fantasy author and blogger from Melbourne, and a proud father of 3.

I’ve discovered Mastodon after looking for something better that the Twitter Dumpster file, and I’m interested in the Fediverse.


Hi, just wanted to introduce myself, I’m from South Australia and have an interest in reading, videogames and I like discussing politics and philosophy.

I’m currently reading Magician by Raymond E. Feist and playing Hades on the Switch.

Anyone playing/reading anything interesting?

Hello there. My name is Jannah. I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I teach primary school English Language. So far I've only been to Brisbane to watch Coldplay. Went there alone, stayed at an Air BnB. Took a walk around town the day after and had a wonderful time getting to know the city.

Came here to find like minded people to talk about education, philosophy, psychology, and how anime is really a medium to disperse knowledge about life.

I am also married and am a mother to 5 amazing girls.

Hi all, welcome to my !

I’m Ben, based on the Central Coast of NSW. Been meaning to post on this platform for some time now to begin tuning out of traditional socials... step one complete.

Currently a small cog in a big machine at a tech consultancy and planning my escape... have a science and maths background and recently developed a passion for the ag sector and all things regenerative. I’m into music, arts, playing with my 4WD, mycology and most sports.

Happy to be here!

Hello guys, here's my

I'm Raymond living in Melbourne, an open source enthusiast, cloud computing veteran, sustainable gardener and renewable energy advocate.

I do a lot of things with Linux, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes and containers, etc.

I host my own mastodon site at

Just redoing my as my first was a bit short.

👋 Hi, my name is Rick, in South Australia. Originally from the UK, we came over in 2014 for a better life.

Turns out, I set up my own business and have never worked so hard 🤣 loving it though. I'm the owner of Dream PC so I get to play with some cool stuff.

I'm a dad of two boys and married. I enjoy cars and PC games, everything else is waiting hehe

Good to see an Aussie Mastodon. I've just joined from South Australia, hi all. 👋

Had to kick somebody from here for being a jerk.. sorry for taking so long! I was giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Hello, I'm new to mastodon, I'm from Brisbane, best city

Introduction....drum roll 🙃
I am an aspiring writer of poetry, short stories, flash fiction and an erotic horror novel I am writing.
I love satire & British comedy like Blackadder & Monty Python.
I play online MMORPGs (Guild Wars 2 & LOTR Online).
I have eclectic music taste from goth, alternative, heavy metal, rock, to JPop.
I love anime, such as Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul & Attack on Titan.

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd check in with a little : I'm Melina, and I'm a writer and editor based in Geelong.

I'm super excited to see what this platform is going to be like! I've gotten a bit sick of big social media companies becoming flooded with ads and blocking progressive accounts. And I'm pumped to finally have a feed that shows everything in chronological order 🙌

Well, introduction post hey.

Hi, I'm Gabe.

I like playing guitar. I live in Brisbane.

Talk politics, ethics, philosophy etc.

Hello Everyone! Newbie to mastodon.
I’m in southern tablelands near Canberra

Hi Aus.Social, I've been mostly lurking at after setting up an account our of curiosity just to see what mastodon is all about. Recent news & events has made the idea of decentralised social networks more important, so I thought I'd test the water here at Aus.Social and see how things go in a more geographically relevant context

Hi, I am Scott Nailon. I live South of Sydney and run a web design and hosting company.

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