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I didn't expect there to be so many cat picture accounts on here and I'm so happy.

My charity is in the middle of our 48 hour non-stop charity stream - We've raised 50k (so far) for fire and rescue services @

I'm restarting some services.

Expect 5 seconds of failures here or there for the next few minutes.

Hey, I'm part of the team raising money for the ! We're raised $4000 in the last few days. is a fundraising group that doesn't take a cent.

@rexmortus did you toot me? It seems to be gone but I saw a notification.

Performing some technical support on the server. Expect a few minutes of issues.

Merry Christmas / wonderful חנוכה fediverse. Have a wonderful day, and Chag Chanukah Sameach!

Hey friends! The Melbourne Fedivus 2019 is happening now (6pm-10pm)! It's hosted at The Mote.

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