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Hey, @daeta has raised the Federated feed was getting overrun with XXX toots.. so I've made some changes, you can still find it if you want it ;)

edit: please remember to report the stuff and I'll action it if I can.

How did I get here?! - My charity is running the Wombat.... 100% of donations go to

Hey, my charity GenerOZity is running a 52 hour NONSTOP Charity Stream on Twitch to donate to CureCancerAustralia

100% of the donations reach the cause (We don't take a dime) during our fundraiser.

The bad bird is borked...

Feel free to spread the good word of Aus.Social to your friends ;)

Server has been upgraded... there is a lot of features in this release but you might not notice them straight away.

We'll wait for the 3.0.0 blog to show them all off... but for now here is the changelogs

Upgrading the Mastodon Instance to 3.0.0-rc1 to match with the instance.

Might experience an error or three for the next 10 minutes.

Hey all. I'm loving hanging out in this space. And tbh not flush with cash. But I worked out I could afford a couple of $ per month (literally $2) to go towards's running costs. ATM they are getting $21 per month with 10 patrons. If 15 more of us pledge two bucks each, we can cover the running costs with a teeny bit extra. But, even $1 per month will help! Or less if you can't afford that.

and please invite your friends... we're always looking for new neighbors.

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