Show more is mastodons feed with a birdsite feel. It's not for everybody, but we're all about options :)

Try it out now! How do you feel about this?

@halcyon Hello friends, I'm looking to launch a Halcyon.

I was looking to use docker-compose, and I might be able to PR you that side.. Could you consider refactoring the docker side? The nginx reverse proxy stuff looks messy.

I've picked up to host more services for our community. and will be coming soon for starters.

Server has been restarted. Sorry about the delay - I was flying to Bangkok when the server died...

Upgraded Aus.Social to 2.8.0-RC1!

Enjoy the polls and other little additions!

official notes:

The new HTTPS cert for expires on 30 March 2021...

No more risk of those 3 month expires with Let's Encrypt killing the server like last month!

Sorry for the downtime.

Updated the LetsEncrypt Cert because the auto renew didn't trigger - I'm fixing this now.

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