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Sorry for the downtime.

Updated the LetsEncrypt Cert because the auto renew didn't trigger - I'm fixing this now.

Only a few days left of this excellent campaign. They've managed to lower their goals some, but it still needs a boost. Please consider helping or flinging the link at someone you think might be able to.

Howdy Neighbours, I'm planning on growing the services...

so I've started a Patreon with 100% of the money going to support :)

Upgraded to Alpine 2.9 and Ruby 2.6.1.. Jolly good :yeti:

Upgraded to Mastodon 2.7.0-rc3... You should notice a few interesting bonus features

Goodbye 2018. Happy new year. Believe in yourselves.

@aussocialadmin meanwhile, thanks to everyone on for continuing to choose quality over quantity. 😜

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