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Goodbye 2018. Happy new year. Believe in yourselves.

@aussocialadmin meanwhile, thanks to everyone on for continuing to choose quality over quantity. 😜

Merry invite your cool friends to Mastoson day πŸ˜…

Sorry about that. I've increased the instance type due to running out of memory.

Done and Done. Upgraded to 2.6.5.
Thanks for your understanding :psyduck:

Sorry again. A little transparency.... Upgrading from 2.6.2 to 2.6.5 while I'm on the server. So expect a few seconds of downtime soon.

I might need to schedule a reboot because threeish months is pushing this little server if it has a memory leak or something.

Sorry for that unexpected outage. Monitoring picked it up and I was able to reboot the server straight way... there goes my uptime record

I might need to increase the instance size if the server runs out of memory again.. The OOM Killer decided to take us down.

you know like in a 90s tv show where the bully needs something done on a computer but doesn't know how
then they stands over someone in glasses and raises their fist saying "I DON'T CARE HOW, JUST DO IT NERD!"

it's that but it's called a "technical capability notice"

Please feel free to invite people to the Mastodon fediverse during this turbulent time. I hope we can get some new neighbours... All passionate Tumblrphiles and friends welcome!

Our friends at are looking for a local artist to commission... Message @hugo if you want in.

Who can I commission to make a cute little mascot? Any recommendations?

#mastodon #fediverse #art

hello everybody.... I hope all of our Victorian friends are enjoying their :democracysausage: today.

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