@kaniini oooh that was a reaction without even looking at what it was.. disregard that shit from me

@Ysabeau @Tarale I was waiting until the dev team supports some functionality, but if there is demand. I'll get a move on.

i kinda get a small kick out of defederating from nazi instances

@kaniini I'll keep my eyes open... I feel like this kind of thing could be useful.

@kaniini hahah that's kind of like my relay.. neighbours.aus.social/

built for australian/friendly instances... having relay built in for promoted instances by default would be cool.

@kaniini @macgirvin actually.. that would be awesome.. some kind of massive graph of all of the instances and the relationships between them. one way or two way trust etc.

@kaniini if I'm explaining my point correctly...

If you have three blocks

I have about 5 "sister instances" and I'd like to be able to promote them and have some kind of web of trust.... maybe enable additional features

but that might be an entire RFC and feature creep

@kaniini that's a little underwhelming tho? I mean..

Having an instance with a hard whitelist seems weird?

Blacklist = drop all messages/hide posts
greylist = accept messages
whitelist = accept messages

What's the difference of grey and white? unless you want to isolate

@kaniini this kind of thing is something I've always wanted to see from mastodon.

It kind of depends on what kind of functionality can actually utilize the whitelisted vs greylisted

What does promoting a friendly instance to the whitelist actually offer? shared blocklist votes or priority queues?

@alynna I think I'll need to port the same style to the other other relay github.com/yukimochi/Activity-

The instance/relay admins really need to work together on this kind of thing for something formal.

Hello friends, if you're experiencing error 429 or similar.. please contact me with any details... I cannot replicate it yet

@grumpysmiffy I'll look on the server side and see if I can pull something out

mmmmm the audio shouldn't be a huge black block... at least it doesn't autoplay.

Because it's block gab night and the feelings right.. it's time to block gab right. ohhh what a block

*Testing audio uploads too..

Upgraded Mastodon to v2.9.1 to assist with the gab block.

"A new moderation API, audio uploads, and domain blocks that extend to subdomains automatically"


@alynna hey, what's the difference between static and dynamic blocks?

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