@mastohost Might be worth including `tootctl self-destruct` in your decomm plan unless they're migrating to another provider.

@grumpysmiffy It was registered to this email "alvmartinezg+aus@gmail.com" and this is pretty much the only reference I could find to it online.... twitter.com/massiveemail

Well. that sucked. Sorry for the spambot everybody. I terminated with extreme prejudice.

Thanks for the reports.

friends, @koosli has started a "Tootup" group for Melb locals to plan gatherings.... Apparently Shit Secret Santa is on the cards.


Hey, I'm going to be hardblocking from aus.social.

Apart from the fact they're using GAB code...

(If you have a problem with this, please reply to this toot).

Hey, it seems that lots of people from are joining the Fediverse.

To the people living in India joining Aus.Social recently, welcome to the fediverse... (as our servers are located in Australia, you might experience some slowness loading images or using the instance).

This influx might have a side effects due to the burst of new traffic on our server, but we welcome all of our new friends :)


@pixelfed $100 feature bounty for S3 support (Full storage in S3 - Nothing but cache/transcode on local).

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