@kaedechan eventually consistent vs the fediverse.. eventually who the fuck knows


@froosh @pelagikat @futzle side nerd snipe topic: I mean I use Fastmail personally but I know plenty of infosec/hackers using gmail because Google have an army of lawyers who will protect your mail from a subpoena. Or inform you if you’re being targeted.

So gmail can be good actually 🫢 if you’re worried about being attacked by hackers or nation states (outside of the five eyes)… but if you’re human and care about personal privacy. I agree, move away ;)


@pelagikat @futzle
I'm more than happy to let you investigate details regarding the spam accounts. Similar emails or ip addresses etc will be useful for us to apply blocks... but yeah. Real people are going to feel strange if you're looking at them even if you're acting in good faith..

Focus your scope please.


@futzle This is really setting off my privacy violaction spider senses.

Use the edit button! 

@screenbeard @harrym @shlee Groups are coming soon. Circles will be in the future.

@cos @s0 My blessed HP Microsoft is due to be replaced.. that thing is coming upto 10 years of service

:redpanda2: :oh_no_bubble: FYI: If you're running Firefox and notice the random font colours are broken all over the web.

Smash the update button under Extensions, and it will update the Firefox container plugin that caused the problem.

Hattip to @augustine for the fix

:annoyingdog: Expect more small (1-15 minute) outages during the night over the next few days.. Once I've finished fixing my performance issues. Everything should be stable for a while.

I plan on not touching the server for a few months once these changes are complete.

*Sings in Robot* Hit me with your best thing. Why dont you hit me with your best thing. Fire away

Good morning.
I've migrated the server from Ubuntu LTS 18.04 to 22.04.

This will require me to rerun a bunch of performance commands, so the instance might seem 5% slower.

+ I'll add my little tweaks back in as well.

This will be fixed tonight.

:duck2: Server is going down soon for maintenance. It'll be about an hour or so.

Lots of spam happening recently. :oh_no_bubble:

Thanks for the reports.

@kauer @mattcen I've decided to delay the migration. I'm likely going to use BunnyCDN + BunnyStorage once it supports S3.

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