Hello all! New to the community. Stumbled across the idea of blockchain social media platform alternatives after playing and learning with crypto so thought I would explore this world!

I dabble in digital and host a podcast called Naked Passion Podcast where I speak with leaders and trend setters in their fields about their own journey so far.

Excited to listen and learn and explore with you all

Good morning all! New to this community myself so looking forward to learning what it's all about! Drop me a line and say g'day 😀

I am an electrical engineering student, passionate about diy electronics, free software and hardware, and repairing or repurposing anything that can be. Love all people, respect all people, empower all people. Enjoy meandering and long-winded conversations about life, the universe and everything. Very open but also introverted.

@virtualwolf @futzle I love that certs are using GMT timezone. So it actually dies in around 10am for us.

Gives me a sleep in before the alerts go off.

@grumpysmiffy @futzle I used to be grumpy about the short cert period. I had too many problems with the key re-generation failing to reboot the nginx but I think that's resolved.

I just need to triple test it

Updated the TLS cert. Time flies! Sorry about the outage.

Hi everyone! Where to start? I’m a third-year design student majoring interior architecture in Melbourne, avid cyclist, and have a strong interest in urban/social design issues. I’ve recently started experimenting with video game design and have a long background in digital art (mostly photography, photomanipulation, 3D, and some weird experimental stuff). Below is a project I’ve been excitedly working on for uni which involves some parametric design and Arduino elements.

@grumpysmiffy @froosh mmmmm I generally only delete spambots. I’ll see about the admin log thing

Hey Everyone! I'm new to the platform and haven't ever really done social media in the past either. I'm currently getting my PhD in Physics and have yet to find a subject of study that doesn't have some fascinating aspect about it (hence my username) I learn everything I possibly can and find everything intriguing! A decentralized media platform is super cool and I wanted to see how the environment differs from what I have seen twitter to be like..

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