@joe without writing a whole article. I've blocked a few instances on request but have not hunted down instances to block proactively... there are plenty of instances that could cause concern but we're not in their orbit.

There was a "freedom of speech" instance that got blocked last week

@joe As a mastodon admin..
I have three options
1) allow the users to block people as they wish
2) hide or silence an instance "shadowban" so they don't appear in the federedated timeline (but people can still follow personally)
3) block an instance so people on aus.social cannot even follow people on that instance.

I generally sit on 2... unless otherwise provoked.

I might setup a github repo with my banned instances to make it transparent.

@joe Hello friend... we do not... but part of me wants to make this public.... any particular reason? Might be able to point you in the right direction

Done and Done. Upgraded to 2.6.5.
Thanks for your understanding :psyduck:

Sorry again. A little transparency.... Upgrading from 2.6.2 to 2.6.5 while I'm on the server. So expect a few seconds of downtime soon.

I might need to schedule a reboot because threeish months is pushing this little server if it has a memory leak or something.

Sorry for that unexpected outage. Monitoring picked it up and I was able to reboot the server straight way... there goes my uptime record

I might need to increase the instance size if the server runs out of memory again.. The OOM Killer decided to take us down.

you know like in a 90s tv show where the bully needs something done on a computer but doesn't know how
then they stands over someone in glasses and raises their fist saying "I DON'T CARE HOW, JUST DO IT NERD!"

it's that but it's called a "technical capability notice"

bye bye tumblr / transphobia Show more

Please feel free to invite people to the Mastodon fediverse during this turbulent time. I hope we can get some new neighbours... All passionate Tumblrphiles and friends welcome!

Our friends at melb.social are looking for a local artist to commission... Message @hugo if you want in.

Who can I commission to make a cute little melb.social mascot? Any recommendations?

#mastodon #fediverse #art

hello everybody.... I hope all of our Victorian friends are enjoying their :democracysausage: today.

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