I didn't expect there to be so many cat picture accounts on here and I'm so happy.

@spanner_man As the admin, It's actually just helpful for me to come back in a few months and see if any of those accounts are spamming anybody.. most of the bots don't bother. Real humans like yourself can do whatever you wish.

My charity is in the middle of our 48 hour non-stop charity stream - We've raised 50k (so far) for fire and rescue services @ generozity.com.au/

I'm restarting some services.

Expect 5 seconds of failures here or there for the next few minutes.

Hey, I'm part of the team raising money for the ! We're raised $4000 in the last few days.

GenerOZity.com.au is a fundraising group that doesn't take a cent.

@rexmortus did you toot me? It seems to be gone but I saw a notification.

Performing some technical support on the server. Expect a few minutes of issues.

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