I woke up to messages from my monitoring tool telling me Aus.Social was down.... but apparently the monitoring service had an outage and was lying to me.

Who monitors the monitor?

@bestthingsbot I was on a plane with three space seats in a row at the back of the plane from Adelaide to Singapore and slept like a baby.

Fixed a problem with emails. You might not have noticed, but sorry if you didn’t receive an email or received too many emails.

Computers are dumb

Aus.Social has been migrated off AWS. This means we're now hosted on a Sydney based VM double the specs for half of the price.

I'm going to be launching aus.pics (Pixelfed) and aus.fm (Funkwhale) under aus.party banner soon.

@matt @grumpysmiffy ok. this looks like a bug in my code I mentioned in the announcement. I'll revert and bug fix.

I didn't expect there to be so many cat picture accounts on here and I'm so happy.

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