:awesome: I've fixed the Linode DNS issue by using another DNS provider... take that Linode

I've also upgraded aus.social to the recently (5 hours ago) updated version of Mastodon... So we're now on v3.5.3 that includes a bunch of security and performance fixes!


Have a nice day, everything else should be back to normal :BlobHajMlem:

:goose_honk: Something is broken on the internet.

The Linode DNS seems to be having problems, which might cause a problem uploading images!.... I've started to investigate if there is something I can do.

@virtualwolf @shlee @futzle ok. I'll need to change up the linode DNS resolver for a bit? This has never happened before.

@shlee @futzle ok. Something is broken with Linode DNS... this is an actual outage. BRB

:goose_honk: :sickos2: NOTICE:

I'm doing some maintenance on the server tonight... later tonight (around midnight), you might notice media is broken, but that should fix itself sooner than later a few hours later :vibing:

pixelfed ponderings 

@cos @marcEndingInC @mike
I'm going to deploy on ubuntu 20.04 then and upgrade later

@Tarale I promise I will never ring you! (tbh I will do that but you know)

pixelfed ponderings 

@cos @marcEndingInC @mike I have registered pixelfed.au and have a server prepared. Give me 1-3 days and it should be up.

:binchicken: Upgraded aus.social to the latest release.

The biggest change is renaming the "direct messages" to "mentioned people only"... because REAL direct messages will be added back in the future. :Bunchie:


:goose_honk: :sickos2: I'm going to reboot the server now. Adding additional memory and CPU.

BRB in 10 minutes

@hyper @christopher @Posty hahaha it's part of the mastodon devs mission to be more mainstream.

I can patch it back in

@krisgesling TBH. I use them for everything on my personal accounts... like I CW dogs because sometimes It's nice to hide the dogs from people and let them wonder what kind of dog is behind the CW

It's a personal choice and a tool that can be used creatively

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