@fortescue @grumpysmiffy I wish the mastodon developers did something to deal with the spam that does happen... I delete hundreds of accounts a week

they're working on the honor system tho because once you add anti-spam, 5 days later they make anti-anti-spam and the race continues.

@hypolite @sean I really wanted to like hubzilla. but the problem with backend developers who think they can also front end.. drives me bonkers

Well my friends have decided to go public. One of those friends/relatives lives in Australia so I thought hey why not keep in touch here.

Although I already know that supports cross-instance communication so I didn't need to create an account here but I wanna show her this place and since you have a place for Mastodon I thought...


Hi Guys, I'm Randell, Studying Engineering and pleased to be part of a new social community.

@aurynn yeah. I've kinda been ignoring it for a few weeks but once those bugs are fixed. I'm opening to the public again.

@aurynn I've actually made aus.party production ready a few days ago. I've discovered a bug or three that the developer (who is on holiday)

but I'm happy to share my blocklist there

@franckroyer So. I found a bug, and the developer is on holiday.... I'll try to fix it myself for you

@fortescue It's been a nice time here. Enjoying the people and friends I've met here.

@GrassrootsGreen I'm more than welcome to talk about life experiences and drugs/medications in general. I take medication for my own mental health and don't object to anything which is not harmful or outright illegal.

This clause mostly exists for spammers pushing darkweb market places.

@screenbeard @rubenerd I've recently messed with wiretrustee.com/ - Having a peered wireguard set of boxes maintaining the sync between physical locations sounds rad.

@fortescue Love this is an Adelaide role.. I'm planning on returning back to Adelaide next year but staying with Versent

but who knows.

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