Well, introduction post hey.

Hi, I'm Gabe.

I like playing guitar. I live in Brisbane.

Talk politics, ethics, philosophy etc.

Hello Everyone! Newbie to mastodon.
I’m in southern tablelands near Canberra

Hi Aus.Social, I've been mostly lurking at Mastodon.social after setting up an account our of curiosity just to see what mastodon is all about. Recent news & events has made the idea of decentralised social networks more important, so I thought I'd test the water here at Aus.Social and see how things go in a more geographically relevant context

Hi, I am Scott Nailon. I live South of Sydney and run a web design and hosting company.

@grumpysmiffy Hey friend, The costs for this place are mostly covered so I'm happy to say. Thanks, but no thanks for now :)

Just keep being engaged and have a nice time

Hi I am new to this community, I live at Caves Beach that's about 30 mins south of Newcastle and 90 mins north of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

I am here basically looking at alternatives to Facebook.

I am thinking of starting my own server running Pleroma to shadow two facebook groups I run. I have a website at yellowrockonline.com.au

I'm 42, married with one child. I'm doing a PhD in soil microbiology at Melbourne Uni. Trying to teach myself something about linux shell for the purposes of bioinformatics (using QIIME 2) at the moment.

Interested in environmentalism and politics.

I like the idea of an open source alternative to twitter.

Hi All!
I am Liz ✌🏻😎

Star dust and magic right here on Earth ✨

Looking to connect with open souls, deep thoughts and might good food recommendations 🌸🦋💗✨🌞🐉

Hey all
My name is James.
I'm 25 from Sydney, professional dimm swapper in big dawg data centres.
Spend my free time learning some new area of programming or playing games. Currently super interested in game dev .

Let's chat :D

Hi, I'm Chris from Perth. I'm 39m. I'm interested in Linux and open-source software, web development and social production.

I should also do an , I guess.

I'm a reformed IT JOAT, now re-employed as a civil and environmental engineer in the water supply space.

I take photos.
I like people. Not people as a whole, but individuals.
I bake.
I cook.
I cycle.
I hike.
I like to repair things.
I live on Kaurna land.

Henlo, I'm Kara aka karakarakara. I'm a white, ginge 20 something year old living on stolen land in Naarm (melb) dreaming of Badtjala/K'gari country (fraser coast) and my pronouns are she/her. I'm an avid music fan working in the "music industry" but hate saying that out loud cos it sounds corporate af and I'm not about that clique shit. Here hoping that perhaps the internet CAN be everything it set out to be. Rly not interested in starring in the next season of black mirror tbh.

Hi! I'm Parker.
I'm queer, 22, and South Australian. I'm a leftist, post punk palaeontology student. I love tattoos, novels, comics, animals and my friends.

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