Hey all. I'm loving hanging out in this space. And tbh not flush with cash. But I worked out I could afford a couple of $ per month (literally $2) to go towards @aus.social's running costs. ATM they are getting $21 per month with 10 patrons. If 15 more of us pledge two bucks each, we can cover the running costs with a teeny bit extra. But, even $1 per month will help! Or less if you can't afford that.


and please invite your friends... we're always looking for new neighbors.

Happy first birthday Aus.Social! :blobcatrainbow:

I'll be launching a PixelFed (Instagramish) to Celebrate! 🎉

Lastly... if you feel the urge to support us and our community, Please feel free to throw me a dollar at patreon.com/shleeau :annoyingdog:

@wilty @liamvhogan I'm an expert in making sound effects of the PLA smashing into HK like a child playing with a Godzilla toy.

@wilty I plan too. It's a little messy but seems to work well. I'll keep it updated

@19drdej19 @rifat @mrcrilly @masonlava I don't know how to answer that. Post away, if I get complaints or see something I don't like - we'll talk.

@matt @the_englishman They should setup heartbeat unit tests on the systemd services to restart nginx if it fails.

@Merkinabout68 it seems so but we welcome people to fly their freak flag if they want... let's see

@Merkinabout68 hit that Federated button on the right for nudity but like everything, you need to find it. it's definitely there :D

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