The bad bird is borked...

Feel free to spread the good word of Aus.Social to your friends ;)

Upgrading the Mastodon Instance to 3.0.0-rc1 to match with the instance.

Might experience an error or three for the next 10 minutes.

Because it's block gab night and the feelings right.. it's time to block gab right. ohhh what a block

*Testing audio uploads too..

I'm about to push an update that apparently will massively change the way Mastodon looks - but you'll be able to change it back if you don't like it :blobcatrainbow:

Updated: Feel free to turn on/off the advanced web interface and see how you feel!

Queues are back to zero.. everything back to normal.

This attack broke my terms of service....

also.. looks like there is a queue of jobs to complete before I catch up... so things might be slow for a while

So like Jurassic park. "So, some minor systems may go on and off for a while. There's nothing to worry about. Simple thing.... "

Sorry for the downtime.

Root-cause: /var/log/syslog filled our disk up. I've increased the disk space and resolved my syslog problem to it shouldn't repeat.

Side Effects: The disk space issue also caused the CPU to spike which ate my CPU credits (classic AWS)... so I've moved to a new instance type temporarily at the cost of some bison bucks. The joy of being a sysadmin :)

Lessons learned: Monitoring didn't work since I've moved to Singapore and got a new number. I'll fix that tonight.

Updated to V2.8.1... The fancy Blurhash images are now supported :) 

Sorry about that. I've increased the instance type due to running out of memory.

Sorry again. A little transparency.... Upgrading from 2.6.2 to 2.6.5 while I'm on the server. So expect a few seconds of downtime soon.

Sorry for that unexpected outage. Monitoring picked it up and I was able to reboot the server straight way... there goes my uptime record

I might need to increase the instance size if the server runs out of memory again.. The OOM Killer decided to take us down.

Happy First month! is 4 weeks old?!

Thank you so much to our 160 members... :redpanda: :redpanda2:

"you can invite your birdsite friends here, if you want too, of course. Have a nice day. moew"... sure thing fancy cat

"Hello relay.. yes this is relay."

neighbours actor.. GET... IT... :annoyingdog:

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