Sorry about that. I've increased the instance type due to running out of memory.

Sorry again. A little transparency.... Upgrading from 2.6.2 to 2.6.5 while I'm on the server. So expect a few seconds of downtime soon.

Sorry for that unexpected outage. Monitoring picked it up and I was able to reboot the server straight way... there goes my uptime record

I might need to increase the instance size if the server runs out of memory again.. The OOM Killer decided to take us down.

Happy First month! is 4 weeks old?!

Thank you so much to our 160 members... :redpanda: :redpanda2:

"you can invite your birdsite friends here, if you want too, of course. Have a nice day. moew"... sure thing fancy cat

"Hello relay.. yes this is relay."

neighbours actor.. GET... IT... :annoyingdog:

I just upgraded this mastodon instance (in the middle of the day) from v2.5.0RC1 -> RC2 -> v2.5.0.. with zero downtime.

"do you have time to talk about my true love docker?"

1) Upgraded the server from T2.Small to T2.Medium. (Double the CPU and Double the Memory)

2) Upgraded our instance to 2.5.0 RC1. Just to finally get inline with a point release. :)

Backups were taken incase of failure but everything has tested fine.... Please report any weirdness :fnord: :fhtagn:

Good afternoon... The server is stable and the wheels haven't fallen off over the last week. :awesome:

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to the 50 members of who have joined us so far. It's been fun seeing the "" display names over on :deadbirb:.

Let's feed that Local timeline by inviting others to join us...

I really need to upgrade the server instance size in the next outage window. The compiling took longer than I expected.

Behind the scenes: Aus.Social is running in AWS in Sydney. Dedicated services for Database (PostgreSQL), Cache (Redis), ElasticSearch (Full Text Search), and S3 Bucket for media.

They're running on the smallest/cheapest instances until required to grow piece by piece.

Behind the scenes: We'll keep slowly inviting people to our little T2.small, which will keep ticking along until it doesn't... then I'll move to the T2.Medium and open publicly... then the M5.Large (The spicy meat ball instance)

FYI: You can Migrate from server to server but your toots don't come with you - the Original account is just frozen in time with a link to the new account.

You can import your follows and blocks tho.

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