Lots of spam happening recently. :oh_no_bubble:

Thanks for the reports.

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@aussocialadmin hope it doesn't overwhelm you. Have you got ways to share the load if you need to? (Bots/extra moderators)

@screenbeard @aussocialadmin The next Mastodon upgrade allows me to give people roles.. if anybody wants to be part of the anti-spam brigade. I'd love that.

@shlee @aussocialadmin at this rate your entire userbase will have roles. Who knew we were all so power hungry?
@koosli @harrym @futzle

@shlee @aussocialadmin @koosli @harrym @futzle
Don't let Morrison know he'll be over here for every one of those roles before you know it.

@aussocialadmin just subbed to the Patreon, thanks for being a good mod 😁

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