:rollbear: Hey Sorry about the small outages over the last hour.

* Upgraded Postgres to 14.4 (fixes index corruption issues)
* Added the little mascot friend back onto the single feed view.
* Added a few security patches

We're going to start replacing the little mascot character every now and then. So keep an eye out for the next Mascot.

If you have any problems at all, give me a buzz.

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@futzle @virtualwolf @aussocialadmin oooooh nooo. I'll need to add some logic to hide it.... booo thanks for the insight

@shlee @futzle @aussocialadmin Hahaha. I have it open on the internal display of my 16" work MacBook Pro alongside a bunch of other stuff. The visible window area is about 1200x760px.

@shlee @futzle @aussocialadmin Also I seem to recall that previously the mascot would shrink down as the reply boxes got larger, which appears not to be happening anymore.

@virtualwolf @futzle @aussocialadmin Yeah... I swear it used to do such a thing but I'll need to investigate

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