:duck2: Who was interested in Pixelfed (The Federated Instagram clone) again? is in preview.

If you want to test it for me (I'll likely nuke the instance once after testing) :taylorboom:

DM me with you username/email for an account in the test environment, and go bug hunting with me. :ablobcattrash:

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@mike @aussocialadmin
Silly question: How do I DM from inside the Mastodon app for iOS?

@cratesmith I think you can import Instagram posts… but no idea about the fediverse part

@aussocialadmin more thinking of having followers on the existing account that would get dropped in the move

@cratesmith that’s a problem those devs haven’t solved yet. Boo

@aussocialadmin I would like to test pixelfed out with you but unsure how to DM on the iOS app?

@aussocialadmin hi there I'm interested in pixel fed my username is Gcap email is thx

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