:mastodondance2: Good afternoon, Please remember to add Content Warnings early, Content Warnings often. :goose_hacker: :goose_honk:

:democracysausage: posting without a CW, you better be sure that's a paddling.

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@aussocialadmin I'm very much in favour of content warnings, but politics? Is this because the CW feature is useful to indicate the broad scope of a toot so why not, or there people for whom political toots of any kind are triggering in some way?

@krisgesling TBH. I use them for everything on my personal accounts... like I CW dogs because sometimes It's nice to hide the dogs from people and let them wonder what kind of dog is behind the CW

It's a personal choice and a tool that can be used creatively

@aussocialadmin yeah cool, I've noticed this a bit since returning here and it is great. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something more significant

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