*grumbles in admin* I dun wanna and never will read your damn dms.

@aussocialadmin I assume it’s a bit easier if I was to directly DM you :p

Snap? Is that what Snapchat is called now, or is it something else? And does it have end-to-end encryption?

If you want end-to-end encryption in a decentralized network, try XMPP with OMEMO encryption. Then the server admins really won't be able to read your messages.

Or try something peer-to-peer, so that there aren't any server admins at all.

@TMakarios Snap is chapchat.. and yeah I'm just being generic as possible.

@aussocialadmin ah yes. The subtle but important distinction between "technically possible" and "oh god, why would I want to do that? Do you people think I have nothing better to do with my time?"

@Orthanc I'd need to LOG INTO MY SERVER AND ACCESS THE DATABASE!! AND THEN WRITE SQL! :sickos1: :oh_no_bubble:

@aussocialadmin also all 7000+ twitter employees can see dm’s there so this is objectively way better

@aussocialadmin same with Pleroma, I'm not even sure how I'd do it, and I'm too lazy to even consider trying

@root these people think I want to write a SQL query... for my own perverse enjoyment!

@aussocialadmin @root i know how technically? but do i want to? not particularly

@aussocialadmin Counterpoint: Pleroma will show you DMs without any fuss, and for some reason I constantly have DMs not intended for my instance federated to me for no discernible reason

@penny see i knew there was still an issue with this, but people insisted its fixed


@aussocialadmin pls post this on the bad birdsite account

I can't login due to two factor auth

@aussocialadmin @maffsie does this apply to malicious, unsolicited and incredibly triggering DMs…?

@jahtnamas @aussocialadmin DMs that are reported are shown in the report that administrators receive - in fancy terms, when you report a private message, you are actively permitting the moderators/administrators to view it, and are bringing it to their explicit attention

basically when you report something, it sends me an email and i can see the posts you explicitly selected on the report page, but i can’t see anything you didn’t select.

@maffsie @jahtnamas Yeah. Moderation tools are in place to protect against abuse.

@aussocialadmin snap? like snapchat or is there a similarly named app

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