@frogworth you're tooted "ELON MUSK IS A CUNT" like 35 different ways in a few minutes..

just making sure that's on purpose :annoyingdog:

@aussocialadmin Oh they were all retweets that were crossposted due to my just having turned on crossposting.
I won't do it again!

@frogworth all good :)

just made the local timeline light up with a wall of posts

@aussocialadmin Ohhhh sorry the local timeline is a thing I will need to get used to for sure!
Apologies and hello local people! That will be all my colourful language for the time being. Lucky we're *Aus* social eh?

@frogworth @aussocialadmin if you really need to crosspost, it'd be super polite to exclude your retweets at a minimum.

Just your original posts would be about right since otherwise you get a lot of broken stuff like mentions of people who don't exist that look awful.

@frogworth @mike
I've customized the crossposter I use to opt out if the message contains certain things.

Like this double ampersand here -> __

@cratesmith @frogworth @mike this is why we need a bloody good default setting, i want us to have our own crossposter.

@Posty @cratesmith @frogworth we need one that crossposts OUT only.

I'm just blocking and muting anyone who's dumping Twitter into their feed for now. If I wanted to read that shit, I'd be on Twitter.

@Posty @frogworth @mike
Honestly it should be an in built feature of mastodon. That said I expect that twitter wouldn't allow a completing network keep API keys.

Though maybe if it was something built into each instance?

@cratesmith @Posty @frogworth @mike The mastodon dev tried to get a dev key for the official joinmastodon account and it got rejected - so he never tried again

@cratesmith @frogworth @mike gagron has some deep feels about crossposting and hates it, if people disengage here it leaves ghost accounts. I get it but trying to ignore the beast is not a good strategy imo.

Don’t hold hopes for it.

@Posty @frogworth @mike

Developers famously have strong opinions. Often based on their own needs rather than others.

I should know, I am one. It's a bias I need to check constantly.

@cratesmith @Posty @frogworth I'm with him on this one, mostly. Mainly with the crossposters that "look" like it's someone really here making posts when they're posts on another plaform.

There's a way to do that right, they're called URLs. Just link to the post on Twitter or whatever that you want people to see, without mangling it up to make it kinda look like it belongs natively - which never works and always brings in broken mentions and other junk.

@mike @Posty @frogworth is that a problem with a crossposter some people use?
Mine seems to just link RT's and let the embed preview handle the rest.

@cratesmith @Posty @frogworth there are a ton of various ones, all varying degrees of ugly.

I've had the keywords "RT" and "@twitter.com" muted on the timelines for years due to the flood of junk that suddenly comes from some people when they abruptly decide to turn one on one day.

@mike @Posty @frogworth I mean that's a thing you can do which solves the problem.

I see crossposting as necessary for people to transition from one network to another if they still have contacts or need to remain connected on both sides.

If we banned them overnight I'm pretty sure I'd be forced to go back to the birdsite because that's where my social and work circles are largely based.

@cratesmith @Posty @frogworth some degree sure, but every single retweet or action? It's not all relevant everywhere.

I think Twitter especially with the algorithmic feed encourages stuff like retweeting like a manic, because you never actually know what anyone will see of it.

Meanwhile over here, you just spammed 20 random things into everyone's face.

I guess my core issue is most crossposts assume the platforms are 100% equivalent, and they aren't at all.

@cratesmith @Posty @frogworth I use a crossposter, in the other direction. Some of my posts get pushed to Twitter because a few people follow me there.

The only things that go there are single, initial posts. No thread followups, no boosts, nothing that mentions a specific user - basically just the original things I post with no elements that people on another platform would find irrelevant. It's clean and simple and doesn't clutter anything up for folks over there.

@mike @cratesmith @Posty @frogworth I'm team crossposting for original top level posts....

original stuff can be planted like a seed in multiple places... if people interact and grow multiple trees

but I don't want replies or reposts of other peoples content, with other services metadata is the problem with me

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@mike @Posty @frogworth
hmm... so what if the crossposter did a bit more to translate intent?

For instance, what if it instantly posted your content, but shared content was buffered at one post an hour by default?

I'm thinking for instance of the case where you might retweet some art someone did, or a video of a game someone is working on which would be my use cases. I don't need those to fire off immediately... the intent is "this is stuff I'd like other people to see".

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