@aussocialadmin I'm not budging from 3.3 until I've got a way to be notified of new regos. I'm going to have to hack something up myself soon I guess. I was hoping the problem would solve itself while I've been busy.

@mike Yeah. I hate that regression, but the team will never fix it.

So cherrypicks it is.

@mike @aussocialadmin hi Mike, same problem here. I just need a way to follow all the dudes on my instance to keep an eye on bots and abusive behavior of users that may try to infiltrate my instance like they did on capitol hill... as far as I remember from command line there is a command to follow all, maybe I will add it in a daily cron job. Don't know if this can fix the issue for you. Here is the documentation for mastodon CLI, don't know if it's updated though. docs.joinmastodon.org/admin/to

@gubi @aussocialadmin that command isn't as useful as you'd want it to be. It's a bit too broad to be useful for this.

What we really want is exactly what was removed for no good reason.

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