@aussocialadmin what's up. how's the site? seeing errors this morning :/ am a dev looking into the fediverse and loving what i see - i've always thought this is how it should be done! curious where/how this is hosted..

@dylanhall Hey. the problem today was a memory leak on my relay (service used to broadcast messages between friendly instances) ate all of memory. this is our first outage in like 9 months... shame.

As an instance, this is just a linode VM running Mastodon in docker.. AWS S3 for media/CDN.

@aussocialadmin very cool! thanks for the reply :) is it expensive to run?

@dylanhall The VM is like $30 a month + s3 bucket is about the same (I really need to migrate away from AWS).

I'm happy to pay as long as people use this, and we've got a few hundred active users.

I've quietly got a patreon if people find it to cover some of the costs.

@aussocialadmin nice. yeah AWS is a great service for cheap instances/storage. have a DJ streaming site for friends running in it and despite the amount of data it's still super cheap.

will be keeping my account here.. going on a bit of a deep dive of integration services/social federation tech at the moment, it's super interesting but it's hard to see a path for people who have an existing base on facebook/insta/etc.

@dylanhall I'm not a dev but I'd there are a lot of projects on the go atm in the federated activiitypub space.


@aussocialadmin handy list. i was wondering, can you federate between services, like pixelfed -> mastodon?

@dylanhall yeah. the "content" of a pixelfed image is posted to mastodon if you follow somebody on an instance.

I want to launch a pixelfed soon, but the project has a single dev and he hasn't released a stable build in two years ;(

@aussocialadmin hmm the repository for it looks pretty active though, hopefully a new stable build comes out soon!

@dylanhall ooh the dude is super active.. but single dev projects scare me because if he gets bored or stops.. I end up with a service that is unsupported

Mastodon has a huge development community

@aussocialadmin yup it's always risky - looks like a really nice insta replacement tho

@aussocialadmin sooo sorry to be a pain but google isn't really answering this .. is there a way to get federated login? like, i want to browse pixelfed sites without creating an account on each one, so i can follow them here. is there a way to get authenticated as an external account or nah?

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