@aussocialadmin Just had an email from Keybase: "Uh-oh, smiffy, your previously-proven aus.social identity grumpysmiffy just broke. We've been checking it repeatedly, and it's not working from our perspective. "

Could this be system related?

@Roceal @Quokka @aussocialadmin I've just tried - twice - the toot has appeared, but still getting mails to say it's failing.


@grumpysmiffy @Roceal @Quokka Root Cause Analysis.

Earlier in the month.. we needed to update the TLS cert CA certs ssls.com/blog/sectigo-ssl-cert because they were due to expire.

And I completed the required changes previously.. now the problem is.. chrome/firefox/ios/android/curl etc etc worked as expected but NodeJS seems to have a different certificate authority certificate chain validation and so nodeJS decided to fall over.

"Unhandled rejection Error: unable to verify the first certificate"

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@grumpysmiffy @Roceal @Quokka I've fixed the CA chain to work with NodeJS and now everything should just work.... because my monitoring solutions didn't use nodeJS. they never reported the issue...

Keybase should just recover.. can somebody confirm that is does.

This is the reason @bestthingsbot broke as well because I coded that in nodeJS

more information on this blog. support.sectigo.com/articles/K

Let's just throw computers into the ocean

@aussocialadmin @grumpysmiffy @Quokka @bestthingsbot Keybase has given me a blue tick again. All good from my perspective. Thanks for the debrief.

@aussocialadmin @Roceal @Quokka @bestthingsbot Just refreshed the Keybase page, got it to re-check, and we appear to be back to normal. Thanks, mate!

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