Follow is mastodons feed with a birdsite feel. It's not for everybody, but we're all about options :)

Try it out now! How do you feel about this?

@aussocialadmin I'll give it a look! I'll log in with mah account?

@aussocialadmin Argh! Non-chronological timeline! Which is why I don't us the birdsite web UI.

But, quite frankly, Masto has got the best social media web UI I've seen.

@grumpysmiffy yeah. I'm not going to use it.. but this fakebird thing was requested...

fakebird should be chronological timelines tho.. If it's not I'll patch it.

@aussocialadmin Hmm. Since you posted that, it's gone chronological. Before, it was totally all over the place.

@aussocialadmin Ah, interesting - the test I was going to do wouldn't have been valid in that case, as the OP was getting languages NOT in the browser accept list. Pure coincidence I got Russian, when I happened to have it installed on that machine.

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