@halcyon Hello friends, I'm looking to launch a Halcyon.

I was looking to use docker-compose, and I might be able to PR you that side.. Could you consider refactoring the docker side? The nginx reverse proxy stuff looks messy.

@aussocialadmin The docker stuff was made by @kemonine and I have no idea how docker works or how to use it.If you think you can improve anything,feel free to create a pull request.


Which piece of docker would need a re-factor?

The docker piece is just setting up some php and php-fpm parms and installing the necessary dependencies and locale...

There is no reverse proxy setup via the docker setup in halcyon presently.


@kemonine @halcyon I'll look into it tomorrow...

The missing proxy stuff isn't massively important... but I had a quick look at the Dockerfile, noticed it moves a bunch of non-existent files around and walked away.


Lines 36-42 were borrowed from another docker file and should be present in the base php:fpm-stretch container image


@kemonine @halcyon ok. If you're under the impression the dockerfile is functional as is. I'll investigate again soon. thanks. :nsa:


I can confirm the dockerfile is 100% functional

I've been running a halcyon instance for about a year now and for the last ~4 months I've been running it with the docker setup as-is in their repos.

Any time there has been a breakage or updated needed it wasn't long before I noticed and submitted an update 😉


@kemonine @halcyon ooh cool. would you expect the nginx side is just a proxypass?


And a bunch of rewrite rules

The main halcyon repo has example nginx, apache and caddy reverse proxy configs


@kemonine @halcyon yeah. the rewrite rules are what I'm worried about... I've never dealt with proxypassing + rewrites.

but I assume if you're passing something to the php-fpm socket, it's pretty much the same thing to the container port right?

haha well gotta crash


The rewrites are just massaging the url's so the proper php gets sent to php-fpm via the proxy pass at the end of the nginx config

and correct: the proxy pass in the main config is the same as sending it along to a php-fpm port exposed via the container

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