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*grumbles in admin* I dun wanna and never will read your damn dms.

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Howdy Neighbours, I'm planning on growing the services...

so I've started a Patreon with 100% of the money going to support :)

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:goose_honk: I'm doing more maintenance on the server tonight.

No jokes on this update because it's going to actually break the instance seriously for a few hours. :skellyduck:

If you notice broken images, that's expected because I'm moving from AWS S3 to another CDN provider. Once the file is copied, it'll come back!

:goose_honk: I'm doing some maintenance on the server tonight.

"I thought maybe I should tell you the system will be compiling for 18 to 20 minutes, so some of the minor systems, they might go on and off for a while, but it's nothing to worry about."

@thatonecalculator hey hey.. can you share information about the plush? like I imagine those things cost thousands to get prototyped?

What should we name our new megafauna mascot friend?

So far..... Dippy, Doug/Dougie, Skwodge.

:partyparrot: Tweaked the code to cause DMs to be highlighted in a different colour.

:rollbear: Hey Sorry about the small outages over the last hour.

* Upgraded Postgres to 14.4 (fixes index corruption issues)
* Added the little mascot friend back onto the single feed view.
* Added a few security patches

We're going to start replacing the little mascot character every now and then. So keep an eye out for the next Mascot.

If you have any problems at all, give me a buzz.

:duck2: Who was interested in Pixelfed (The Federated Instagram clone) again? is in preview.

If you want to test it for me (I'll likely nuke the instance once after testing) :taylorboom:

DM me with you username/email for an account in the test environment, and go bug hunting with me. :ablobcattrash:

:awesome: I've fixed the Linode DNS issue by using another DNS provider... take that Linode

I've also upgraded to the recently (5 hours ago) updated version of Mastodon... So we're now on v3.5.3 that includes a bunch of security and performance fixes!

Have a nice day, everything else should be back to normal :BlobHajMlem:

:goose_honk: Something is broken on the internet.

The Linode DNS seems to be having problems, which might cause a problem uploading images!.... I've started to investigate if there is something I can do.

:goose_honk: :sickos2: NOTICE:

I'm doing some maintenance on the server tonight... later tonight (around midnight), you might notice media is broken, but that should fix itself sooner than later a few hours later :vibing:

:binchicken: Upgraded to the latest release.

The biggest change is renaming the "direct messages" to "mentioned people only"... because REAL direct messages will be added back in the future. :Bunchie:

:goose_honk: :sickos2: I'm going to reboot the server now. Adding additional memory and CPU.

BRB in 10 minutes

:mastodondance2: Good afternoon, Please remember to add Content Warnings early, Content Warnings often. :goose_hacker: :goose_honk:

:democracysausage: posting without a CW, you better be sure that's a paddling.

It's not a crime to be horny on main, but the local timeline is not a place for exhibitionism! Please mark your content as sensitive, with a content warning!

or you'll get moderated away.

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