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Howdy Neighbours, I'm planning on growing the services...

so I've started a Patreon with 100% of the money going to support :)

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Hi ... I'm a PhD in Pure Maths, now working in Maths Outreach and Enhancement. I mostly live on, but have this as an auxiliary identity.

I'm interesting in (s), , some aspects of computing, ballroom , , and language.

But my interests are eclectic.

I'm Australian, based in the UK, but COVID permitting, I travel.

Aus.Social had a major outage of a few hours. Fixed now. Sorry.

I had to recover from backup, so you might have lost a few hours of messages :(

:sickos: :sickos1: :sickos2:

Hey nerds, I'm CyberneticSquid, also a nerd ( :he_him: ).

I'm new to Mastodon, and enjoy and as well as a bit of . Nice to meet y'all.

Hi Mastodonians, I'm new around here and I'm learning the ropes. Happy for anyone to point me in the direction of how to get the most out of this platform. I have varied and extensive interests and I'm mostly housebound for 3 years due to so have plenty of time to utilise.
Ex-programmer/IT nerd; Ex-Emergency Registered Nurse Manager; Current permaculture designer.

Sorry. I killed the server by mistake. I had to download more RAM.

Block IPs for spam accounts.

They created lots of spam accounts in the last few days.

Just dipping my toe in the water here :) - now with added hashtags as my

Hi all, I'm Bec, I love tea, writing, and the world. Parent of kids and friend of pets. I live on the south coast of WA, doing a creative PhD, working as a freelance editor and writer. Messy gardener in my spare (haha) time.

*Sings in Robot* Hit me with your best thing. Why dont you hit me with your best thing. Fire away

Upgraded the DB to Postgres 14 :flipturt:

You shouldn't notice any major difference, but it's rebuilding indexes over night. :blobpatraccoon:

@grumpysmiffy @drbuttocks I've regenerated the caches. Can you reload, and try again?

On firefox, I can scroll for ages... I did a shirt + reload?


So ... not good at these. I do the following
- Play games
- Make games (for fun)
- Make games at 5Lives (for work)
- Drink coffee
- Take a lot of selfies
- Watch a fair amount of shows and speedruns

New to Mastodon, definitely new to My name is Felicia, and this is my ! 😎

My day job is Public Relations for video games (indie and AAA). My side hobbies include making games of all types, playing banjo, tabletop games, and conlangs.

Interested in all types of topics, always happy to learn more. (Always always happy for more tabletop games.)

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