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Howdy Neighbours, I'm planning on growing the services...

so I've started a Patreon with 100% of the money going to support :)

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I'm in New Zealand. sing and play piano and irish harp and mountain dulcimer and some other stuff very badly love apple product and taking photos. just happen to be blind.

Shifted servers. I tried fosstodon for a bit but I'm, uh, not convinced I'm fossy enough. I'd rather be slightly too nerdy on an Australia server.

On that note, hi I'm Tom! I'm in Tasmania. My things are computers/programming, listening to music (various), playing music (classical) and bushwalking when I can.

Heyo! I'm a backpacker from the US traveling around where I can. Looking to connect with the more techy side of Australian culture 😊

hello everyone... checking in from tasmania...

I'm not sure about a lot of things.
I might share some opinions from time to time, but I try my best to open to the fact that I don't know what I'm talking about.
I think labels can be divisive, but at the same time I identify as white, hetero, cis-male, and a leftist. These labels are potentially subject to change.
My name is Dominic.

Hi All,

New here, and still discovering what the fediverse is all about, but glad to see a few familiar names here already. Came to following a post from @mattcen.

As from my profile... Software engineering at Aussie mailbox provider Fastmail. Rider of a bike. Teller of <s>bad</s> dad jokes. Yeller at Clouds.

Currently living in Melbourne.

Hello everyone!

I'm Rohan, living near Melbourne just out of Ballarat. That's been pretty new to me (last 6 months), I've been around the city for two years before that.

I'm the process of setting up a community bush space with some friends based around permaculture principles, and inspired by the experience making art for music festivals.

I make electronic music with bitwig on linux, I write code, love metalwork and woodwork.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Updated to reflect job change... I’m a Greens member of the Legislative Assembly from Canberra, Australia. Here for progressive policy-making, environment, inequality issues. Also into roller derby and other sports. If I post lots about baking, I’m probably stressed. If I post lots about my dog, I’m probably happy.

Hi everyone, I'm engtao, I live and work in Canberra as a researcher. I'm interested in computers (particularly linux), making and spending time with my family.

Hi Everyone! I'm Hannah, living in 'small town' Queensland, looking for a break from fb and insta.
Interests include permaculture, anarchism, figuring what the hell my cat wants.

post time!

I am Moxhuman, a 27 year old salesperson living in south east Melbourne!

I am an avid gamer, linux user, physics enthusiast, and sales trainer!

My preferred pronouns are He/Him or They/Them.

Not much else to say except Hi everyone! And I look forward to interacting with you all!

Hi, I'm Deborah, I live in , Australia. I am a Gen X parent to and which I toot about liberally.

I am the sysadmin at a plastics company. You can follow the saga at (or mute if you're just here for the pets).

Interests: quilting, maps, crochet, word puzzles, board games, sf, music.

I always CW these topics: food, medical, politics, eye contact. I always provide image descriptions. White supremacists and TERFs will be blocked on sight.

Hey Everybody.

The Charity Stream-A-Thon I run has started at or

We’re running a 102 hour non-stop Twitch Stream to raise money for!

Our last event raised $69,000 (nice) for Fire and Rescue and the show before that raised $40,000 for Cure Cancer last PAX…. Donations are appreciated and tax deductible! ;)

FYI: GenerOZity charity sends 100% of the money raised to our targets.

G'day folks. Brucie here from Asia, 40s, have been involved in development, human rights and justice work for 20 years. Currently enrolled in a Multicultural Studies PhD program but also working full time for a regional-international NGO. I love sunrises and sunsets, long distance train rides, blueberry cheesecake, stargazing, meditation and tarot readings. Looking forward to connecting with you. Cheers!

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