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Howdy Neighbours, I'm planning on growing the services...

so I've started a Patreon with 100% of the money going to support :)

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Hey Everybody.

The Charity Stream-A-Thon I run has started at or

We’re running a 102 hour non-stop Twitch Stream to raise money for!

Our last event raised $69,000 (nice) for Fire and Rescue and the show before that raised $40,000 for Cure Cancer last PAX…. Donations are appreciated and tax deductible! ;)

FYI: GenerOZity charity sends 100% of the money raised to our targets.

G'day folks. Brucie here from Asia, 40s, have been involved in development, human rights and justice work for 20 years. Currently enrolled in a Multicultural Studies PhD program but also working full time for a regional-international NGO. I love sunrises and sunsets, long distance train rides, blueberry cheesecake, stargazing, meditation and tarot readings. Looking forward to connecting with you. Cheers!

hellooooo, I needed to get out of the Times Square jungle of Instagram n Facebook (reddit is ok tho) HOW ARE YOU ALL??? :binchicken:

:drake_dislike: We've some minor technical difficulties for the last few hours.
:drake_like: but I caught it now and everything should return to normal.

New to this whole platform, so short introduction:
* australian
* mostly beard
* proud keeper of a pug
* musician of questionable ability
* big fan of using Linux for audio production
* not really sure how this thing works
* asterisks everywhere

There is spam.. then there is bitcoin supporting christian crusade spam. :oh_no_bubble: *deleted*

Fine, I'll do it myself.

Good morning Aus Social!

@aussocialadmin I hope you're happy.

Updated the instance.. the toots now include little icons when you cannot boost which is pretty cool

Hi everyone, I quit fb for the privacy issues but came here for the community :)
Perth/Mostly lurker/inexplicable aversion towards hashtags but i'll use it this time :)

Hi everyone! I've moved over here from, since my enthusiasm far outstripped any sort of actual talent I had, haha.

I live in Western Sydney with my lovely wife Kristina and our half dachshund/half Maltese dog Beanie, and am a hobbyist coder and photographer, Apple enthusiast, and general all-round geek.

Hi im Dylen, Human living in Melbourne, Australia - with strong interests in open source software, decentralisation and blockchain tech.... Also a bit of a python hack.. I love gnu/Linux too

Hi all! I'm Chris and I'm in Adelaide dodging COVID (for now) and working on a start up with my wife. In my free time I.. wait I have no free time. I like cooking good things, and drinking craft beer that other people make as I have no free time! I grew up in Canada but most people think I'm from Ireland. Glad to be here!

New Feature: Notes. You can make private notes on all of the people on the fediverse you come across.

Important if you block somebody, but don't know why.

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