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Homer Simpson, seemingly providing a counterexample to Fermat’s last theorem.. a prank by Simpsons’ writer David X Cohen, who built a program to find a ‘solution’ where the margin of error wouldn’t display on standard calculators if any viewer looked it up 🙃

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Just had our “Free Hong Kong” sign confiscated at Capitol One Arena at the Wizards game against the Guangzhou Long Lions.

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When I "discovered" a useful project that I'd already starred yet again I wondered if there was a GitHub stars organiser. Turns out there is and it's quite nice. astralapp.com/

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On December 10 1993, gamers logged onto the internet to complain that Doom had not been released as of 12:01 AM, and the several hour wait was considered excruciating

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When you finally figure out why your floor is always wet

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New York City from above. Blows me away every time I see a shot like this! Source: buff.ly/2m52a6G

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I don't remember who posted this on Twitter a few years ago, but whoever you are: you have improved every night I've spent in a hotel since.

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Got suspended from Twitter for “Posting Private Information”

Guess posting all numbers from 000-00-0000 to 999-99-9999 was bad.

Satire is dead.

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Thought that I would share this really well written articulate article rather than RT the anti-woman tweets. If anyone knows Margot Oliver please tell her that she has our support.

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"I boot windows95 from vinyl"

*vapes out of a sextant*

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A friend just wrote to me to say that @nntaleb@twitter.com publicly accused @Quillette@twitter.com in a speech in Sweden of only defending free speech when it is about race. To show why he is wrong, here is a list of (some of) our defences of free speech. 👇

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1 like = 1 extremely sensible cold take.

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This is how you use animated code folding when navigating between two functions. The cursor jumps over folded areas.

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@wezm anything you reckon I should ask of the data?

Listened to public statuses from ~1000 Mastodon instances for 24 hours. Was expecting way more French language toots. Maybe French instances break API compatibility by calling things by their French names? Or don't set language?

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