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Settle in, kids, and I'll tell you the tale of why Coronavirus is spreading so quickly in Korea. It involves the second coming of Christ. Or so the cult in question says. This is gonna get weird.

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Medical checkup: $30
Teeth cleaning: $25
Mental health counseling: $1/minute

Walmart is making big moves into health care trib.al/9lsMcXW

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Leaving work early because I haven’t seen my kids in a while.

Instead of sneaking out, I let my team know where I’m going / why.

If you want to create a culture of flexibility, you have to remove the stigma of guilt.

Don’t apologize or act as if you’re doing something wrong.

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A roji (露地) is a form of garden unique to the practice of tea ceremony. Its only purpose is to frame the path that leads to the inner sanctuary that is a tea house. It is a place whose only function is to set you in the mood proper to receive what follows.

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What other non-arthouse games get political like Deus Ex does? cc @Johnicholas@twitter.com @ka_amazing@twitter.com @dhindes@twitter.com

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@MaskedTorah@twitter.com I suspect better. If it's not an equilibrium, it's usually better in the long run to get to the next equilibrium as quickly as possible, and I distrust the supposed optimality of any equilibrium which is based on widespread ignorance of a major cost.

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Perhaps people do not install adblockers despite the large benefits because they just don't know? Thinking about a Google Surveys like this:

"Do you know about adblockers: browser extensions like AdBlock Plus or ublock?"
"Yes, & I have one installed"
"Yes, but I do not *"

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Suppose you have cancer and you have to choose between a black box AI surgeon that cannot explain how it works but has a 90% cure rate and a human surgeon with an 80% cure rate. Do you want the AI surgeon to be illegal?

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People recognize many cultural preferences as associated with a political party, use these connections to categorize & stereotype others as partisans & to express prejudice against out-group partisans in apolitical settings
New diss:

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Anyone care to offer their betting odds (for or against) on if 10M will be dead by 2022 from ?

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Today I picked up Great Expectations and was suddenly struck with the knowledge that Miss Havisham is probably not very old at all, actually, so I looked it up, and at the beginning of the book, she is, according to Dickens' notes, "scarcely forty."

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24 hours of China region airplane movements on a normal Friday in November 2019 (UTC time) vs last Friday the 14th Feb, 2020.
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in the future they can put a gif on your tombstone. what gif would you want on yours

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The tiny church of Panagia Gorgona in Mytilini, Greece, is known for housing an old icon that depicts the Virgin Mary as a mermaid with a fish tail. It is not known who created the icon, but it is older than the church itself.

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Strong v weak typing studies: "most of them are passed around to justify one viewpoint or another" Guilty as charged! danluu.com/empirical-pl/

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"oversharing"? oh, i prefer to call it "speedrunning friendship"

"alright, this next trick is called Small Talk skip. it turns out if your Courage stat is high enough you can just skip the Small Talk section. straight into Talk About Feelings or even Sharing Childhood Traumas"

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