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thinking of getting the grandson one of those square food delivery backpacks.

he is very overweight, normal backpacks look silly on the boy

On Bezos, From birdsite 

grandson set me up with a voice light I just say "Alex turn off" and he gets up and does my bidding

just found out the scientists confirmed the McDonalds touch screens are all covered in fecal matter but it's very difficult to taste it let me tell you

lost my wallet last night and now i find out that my cards have been used to purchase multiple fetish toys on the web. to make matters worse they have used my address for the delivery.

i can probably find some use for the sex swing but im clueless on what to do with a riveted whip

a fine set of kicks from the pm i look forward to seeing what he does in the autumn collection

the good thing about is that i dont understand it but feel an overwhelming sense of missing out

thinking about getting a tattoo of a because that's better than a heart or an anchor or fat elvis

when life gives you weather over 24°c make pizza dough

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Me, seeing a post containing more words i don't recognize than ones i do, but that i can tell is important to the poster, whom i love: *fave & boost*

hot weather makes wearing long pants a real bother. bring back the business kilt

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me talking to my fellow nerd friends
me talking to normal humans who refuse to acknowledge the botnet and tracking crisis silently affecting us all and that every tech company big or small is getting away with it because the masses refuse to care about their personal data until it's too late and they have lost control over their own privacy and freedom online
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This is your regular reminder that when Google promised to enable end-to-end encryption in Gmail, surfing on the public's demand for more privacy after the @Snowden revelations in 2013 ( …), they delivered… nothing.

confirmed: trumps wall is the same one in and will protect modern day mexico and south america from the frozen US wastelands/wildlings/dead king for decades to come

first it was the strawbs now people are sticking needles in train seats lock the city down we need a national sewing offenders list

this rooftop bar promised funky jams and all they have is cool tunes. What am I to do with all this toast I look a fool

I don't have a problem I just own 8 pairs of headphones and am still looking for "the one"

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