Hi all, new here after a tweet from @techoglot.

I'm based in Adelaide, a bit of a techy nerd working as a Cloud Solutions Architect, photographer, father, husband, passionate Spurs fan and cyclist :)

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@andrew It's a bit slower than Twitter, but it's friendlier.

We have Content Warnings (click CW and put whatever you're tooting about behind a click with a warning (of your own choosing)). Follow some good people.

The admin does a good job of keeping spammers and bad instances out of our timelines.

@TechnicalKO I haven't in a while, had my own photography business but stopped that when daughter was born. Used FB but have been off it now for 2 months, so mostly on Instagram for family & friends.

@andrew I left Facebook a couple of years ago. Good decision. Working on doing the same with Twitter and Instagram, actually.

@TechnicalKO I find twitter useful for finding out information, events and follow a very select few and TweetDeck really helps me keep it useful.

Instagram is more for social, family & friends images. I find now though that out of every 4 images, 1 is an advert, 1 is someone posting something I don't care about, 1 is a repeat post from somewhere else and the last might be something I find interesting! I can't see myself leaving though due to the links to friends and family. I did try once!

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