At this stage I just got to admit I got an addiction to collection games that I'll never play 😅

- D&D4E ✅
- D&D5E ✅
- Savage Worlds ✅
- Pathfinder 2 ❌
- Ars Magica ❌
- Fate Core ❌
- Firefly RPG ❌
- Fiasco ❌
- Stars Without Number 2 ❌

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@almightyolive fiasco is great. You have the OG book or the recent card version?

@Cacotopos the book. I've been dying to play it but we always get caught up with adulting 😅

@almightyolive I have both but haven’t done the card one yet. Each of the book play throughs has been wildly entertaining though.

@Cacotopos I've been in love with it ever since I watched that Will Wheton live play of Fiasco. Now I'm gonna have a look at the card version and see if I can add it to my collection

@almightyolive hahaha yep I also have an rpg collection much of which I haven’t played. But fiasco cards is the same game but with better and quicker setup and no dice rolling. Another excellent and super quick no prep RPG is For the Queen. Highly recommended! ALSO voight-kampff test the rpg 😂

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