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Just trying out this mastodon thing to see how it all works. Never been that big on twitter, so we will see...

I guess for my : I am a software programmer building web apps in Sydney. I love to play board games, I DM some D&D when I can, and I like to try my hand at writing stuff on the odd occasion.

Just had the honour of explaining what a "bussy" is to a mate if mine 😅

I was just reminded of "Plasmo", the aussie 90's claymation sci-fi series. How could any kid forget the... uh, "unfortunate" neck design of Corredor 🤣

For more photos, I discovered this at

Is it the weekend yet?

Not to party or anything.... I just need to catch up on sleep 😅


I'm pretty happy with this result.... would've liked more independents and minors in the Senate, but the total destruction of the LNP by teal independents is a pretty damn good result.

Albo is also a good choice to lead in the case of a hung parliament... pretty sure he'll be able to make deals where Morrison wouldn't.

OMG The french minister of foreign affairs BASHING ScoMo live, calling him incompetent and admitting he's quite happy he's gone. This is absolute GOLD 🤣🤣🤣

"His defeat fits me well. The acts that have been done to France, when they've been done, were of such a brutality, cynicism, and I'm tempted to say of such a notorious incompetence. And it makes me happy to say this to you tonight. ... And I'm not sure he thought through the dates' concordance. But if he did, good on him, if he didn't... Well, too bad. I hope we will be able to re-create a frank and constructive dialogue with Australia in the future, Mrs the Minister"

I'm really looking forward to see him chat with Penny Wong. I reckon the exchange might be on another level compared to her predecessor.

Something that stuck with me from last night - was chatting with a scrutineer as he was leaving. He'd phoned in the initial count to his party and said that's all he needed. I just jokingly said "So you're happy nothing underhanded is going on then?"

"Oh no mate, there never is."

I suddenly came over feeling almost patriotic.

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You're fucking awesome. Thanks for being here.

Carry on.

I don’t understand Webpack, and I fear it. I just copy incantantions from Spell Overflow.

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