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Monsieur Hercule Purrrot >^..^<

“The meowderer is here in this room. Meow.”

I spoke too soon 😭

All ok, I budgeted for it, I just thought I’d saved some money 🙄😆

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When your parcel is over the import value threshold and it sails straight through customs 😅🙌

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Neon Genesis Evangelion 

Moment, Heart, Together

#1998 G-Shock -2V (2164 module), this was quite a find! 🙌

I had one very similar many (many) years ago, it was the first watch I bought for myself ✌️

It’s Sunday afternoon ironing time 👔 with History Of Japan podcast from 🏯❤️

Episode 43 - The Great Traitor

not sure if anyone else gets a little bit excited when it’s recycling bin night? ♻️ 🗑

Same >^..^<<3

Haruki Murakami: “I just wanted to be of some use (maybe not much, but still...). I think it would be nice to create a world in which people, and cats, can live in peace.”

Never put anyone you love in a Tesla🔥

“all of a sudden I see smoking and I’m like oh my God, what the f#@k!”

“Door couldn’t open, I couldn’t put the window down, so I just said ‘Alright, I’m going to kick through it.”

I recently started listening to the “History of Japan” podcast, it is great & worth your time! I want to share this - the first thematic episode - not because I’m a baseball fan but because it’s a fantastic story and it needs(!) to be made into a film 🎥

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