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The OA, potential spoilers 

After watching 3 episodes… potential

Shorter The OA

Prairie gets psychological help following her discharge from hospital &, once stabilised, is then interviewed by the FBI.

The FBI conducts an investigation & locates the others.

The end.

A baby bush turkey (so smol + so cute) just wandered down to me in my office. It must’ve entered via open lower louvres in bedroom at the other end of the house, past Keiko on the bed - who is not much of a guard cat it seems >^..^<💕

I successfully herded the smol turkey back into the garden 🤠

I sometimes think about Japanese rail platform sounds & jingles, & piyo piyo (little bird) & kakkō (price scanner) pedestrian crossing sounds, & I hope to be able to visit Japan again <3

Rowan Atkinson studied Electrical Engineering at Newcastle University, then went on to earn a Masters in Electrical Engineering from The Queen's College, Oxford.

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I was so stressed / overwhelmed / fried on Saturday that when I paid my psychiatrist electronically for the 3 sessions I had last week I paid double & I didn’t realise until today 🤦🏻‍♂️

…if I expire before I use up the in-credit amount I am holding my brain fully responsible.

For the first time in my life I have today bid on art, it’s an anniversary present for my beloved.

The 8th anniversary is tricky because bronze is the traditional material / medium, hence the bidding on art.

Fingers crossed 🤞 but I do have a backup plan!

TIL there’s a variety of banana that tastes like vanilla ice cream, and they’re blue!

“Blue Java Banana
A fast growing, cold tolerant variety of banana also called Ice Cream banana as the flavour and consistency is reminiscent of creamy vanilla ice cream or custard. Grows to a height of at least 3m and sometimes up to 5 in tropical areas”

I don’t know much about early 20th century bronze animal sculptures but Edouard M. Sandoz sure created some lovely pieces.

Amidst news of stratospheric payments for NFT art, some of which looks lifted from DeviantArt…what’s to stop screen caps? Not that you should steal art but, metadata aside, if you capture at native resolution the original is now fungible, it has - to coin a term - been funged.

Many thanks for recovering my account, @shlee 😊🙌


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