If you shilling NFTs I feel bad for you son

I got ninety nine problems but right-click ain't one, hit me

This is fantastic, the animation / character expressions and script is a riot.




by twitter.com/Worthikids

“It seems the Dead Sea scrolls were true..”

“Yes.. the angles are back”

This is wild ✨

“During the race, an ionizing particle from outer space collided with DOTA_Teabag's N64, flipping the eighth bit of Mario's first height byte. Specifically, it flipped the byte from 11000101 to 11000100, from "C5" to "C4". This resulted in a height change from C5837800 to C4837800, which by complete chance, happened to be the exact amount needed to warp Mario up to the higher floor at that exact moment.”


In these difficult times never forget that to someone, somewhere you are a source of revenue.

Learn which of the 9 circles of Hell we currently occupy, and what we can expect to encounter as we further our descent.

“Dante’s Divine Comedy: A Free Course from Columbia University”


I am mostly cat (and a bit human) >^..^<


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