‪It’s time to burn the incense‬

‪It’s time to chant the rights‬

‪It’s time to summon demons on The Muppet Show tonight!‬

‪It’s time to call the void in‬

‪It’s time to banish light‬

‪It’s time to raze existence on The Muppet Show tonight!‬


‪“Left in February‬


‪Left in Autumn” ‬


修理、魅せます。 #011「ジーンズ」


The Fascinating Repairmen. #011 "Jeans”


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I need to set boundaries when I work from home, today started at 0530 Wednesday & finished 0042 Thursday 😑

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who would win?

Atlassian is now offering Jira and its other cloud-based software for free to help people work and learn from home.

From Thursday anyone can access the cloud versions of Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core at no cost. Certain versions of Trello, Bitbucket, and Opsgenie were already available for free.


COVID-19 lol 

Japanese artist Monokubo imagines a world where gentle giants and humans peacefully coexist. mymodernmet.com/giant-animal-i


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Have we already tried turning 2020 off and on again?

‪totally ok with social distancing ngl ‬

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