@s0 for fresh sourdough with butter I too can be a wife

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Day 1015 🌧 meditative laps
Daily #cycling photos; some quiet laps in between showers of rain

@mike pre-Misty there was Kesa (aka Kesa the stealth cat, with very fine black fur on her face, capable of defeating almost every camera's autofocus)

aside, in finding a scan of a 1980s photo of my old cat, I discovered it to be on one of the few ancient sets of 35mm negatives that I kept & scanned. Herein my early experiments in computer graphics (tandy on TV)

@liamvhogan @mike Cindy, my tabby we got as a kitten when I was about 4. Here he is mid 1980s, somewhere around 18 and in his last few years

@liamvhogan @mike a rare photo of Misty, the cat that does not like, rare in that she normally won't rest within 2m of me

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Day 1014 🌧 meandering commute home
Daily #cycling photos; exploring industrial estates, a tip, a long straight #gravelroad and Karkarook lake on #mycommute



"To view, simply click on the title of each item listed"

Do not tell people to "simply" do things. If it is simple, then it is self evident. If it is not self evident, then it comes across as smug or out of touch to say that they "simply" have to do something

vic refund 

Your tax dollars at work, many thanks o benevolent guvment

"Your Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program $18.50 has been sent to your nominated bank account. "

"Your Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program $28.53 has been sent to your nominated bank account. "

@liamvhogan work prohibits use of private motorcycle for work-related business... oh, hang on, that was MPOW when I said I could drop past %vendor to collect important (late) pkg - it was forbidden!

UI grumble 

Who invented this stupid pattern that email addresses have to be entered twice "for confirmation". I'm just as likely to make a typo. in my last name ya muppets

@xssfox that is very weird. Does my head that adding a micro usb socket to an AA can be cost effective!

@futzle I always liked the great ritual of time change at the start and end of DST on the ancient physical bundy punch clock in the workshop where I worked ~1988. All electric motors and chain drive. In one direction, declutch, pull an hour of chain through with a great clattering roar. In the other, declutch, get a good coffee, pull six days and 23 hours of chain through! DO NOT OVERSHOOT

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Day 1012 ☀️ weird bayside fog
Daily #cycling photos; inland down to frangistan and back along the bay and into some weird thick #fog
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bandcamp easteregg 

Found an amusing when entering purchase amounts in , various numbers will popup a relevant emoji alongside. 3.21 got me a rocket, 4.2x and a tree

musings forums 

I wonder how many forums I've joined over the years, how many I've posted to, how many I've forgotten about that _might_ have interesting material in them, or even replies to questions I asked?

Decades on I'm still of the opinion that forums are often a poor implementation of an isolated web-based mailing list

@helveticablanc your earring looks like your eye through your glasses, or do your eyes in the glasses look like your earring?

happy cakeage!

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