@ajft Geez I had the original issue of that! An aunt bought it for me for my first hospital visit.

@Quokka my lil brother is a big lego space fan, I suspect he'll be somewhat jealous

@ajft I got that exact set one Christmas and it was magical

@ajft oh wait that's a new edition? They're doing the space series again?

@mike new one. brickset.com/article/79236/rev has a good review, like modern cars its bigger & fatter than the old ones

@ajft @mike Quite impressive indeed.

Found a box picture of the set I have, the LL 918. The smallest of the three original space ships. (NB: while I have the original box, this it's got a bit more wear and tear than this example).

@dadegroot @ajft @mike Ah memories. My brother and I each received one of these 918 sets as children, and I transporter-accidented them into one bigger ship with almost no bits left over. Wish I’d taken a photo, I could have sold it online as a MOC, if the Internet had existed back then.

@futzle @dadegroot @ajft @mike I don't know what happened to all my original space Lego. I had a couple of ships and a moon base with the crater base plate. I';m very tempted to grab this set. Lego have official instructions to build recreations of the two smaller ships with the pieces from this set.

@matt @futzle @dadegroot @ajft I know exactly what happened to my collection. My grandmother randomly gave it to some friend of hers for their kid because surely Michael doesn't want those old toys now.

@mike @matt @futzle @ajft My collection carefully travelled with me over multiple moves. The plan, originally, was that any offspring I might have would enjoy them, but of course by then, I couldn't actually bring myself to let young humans play (and potentially break / lose parts) with what was at that point classic lego. So now some of it is back in its boxes and some on display next to my WfH desk.

@dadegroot @mike @futzle @ajft Nice. I wish I had the foresight to do that. I last remember it being in my old room at my parent's house. We had some many hours of fun playing with the space stuff. This is the station I had brickset.com/sets/6930-1/Space

@matt @mike @futzle @ajft I've still got the 6930 space station :) Currently boxed, as it collects dust terribly if left out on display.

@mike @matt @futzle @dadegroot younger brother had the space lego in our family, sister had the kitchen/household sets, I had earlier sets. Younger brother inherited the lot as he was the last to leave home. He trawls ebay & picks up space lego when he can, he & my nephew give it all the love necessary

@ajft @mike @matt @dadegroot And my Lego got donated to my primary school when I left it, all mixed up in a great big garbage bag and worthless from a collector standpoint. Don't regret it; I hope they enjoyed it before it got scattered to every corner of the playground.

@futzle @ajft @matt @dadegroot I'm mostly bitter about it because I wasn't involved in the decision, it just happened while I wasn't there. This was a bit of a recurring theme with the disposal of some of my stuff, and I'm still a bit sensitive about it.

@mike @futzle @ajft @matt I totally understand that. I had a dagger from my grandfather. Original WWII stuff, but my mother got rid of it when I was away "'because it was dangerous". :(
Then there was my Bunya Pine I'd planted out in the back yard, that also ended up mysteriously gone when I was living in Toowoomba.

@dadegroot @mike @futzle @ajft @matt my mum gave my Lego in a suitcase to a friend of hers. My dad gave away our family dog while we were away. Twice.

My mum got the Lego back years later and her grandkids play with it now, so that's at least something.

@mike @futzle @ajft @matt @dadegroot My Lego was apparently never mine, because I have two younger siblings. Also, most of it belonged to my brother anyway - I wasn't given much Lego, because I have the wrong set of genitals or whatever.

@mike @futzle @ajft @matt @dadegroot My partner is an only child and kept his Lego in his basement after he'd moved out - and then it was stolen. He still talks about that at least 5 times per year.

@KAOS @mike @futzle @ajft @matt @dadegroot oh I can relate, but the "stolen" is parents gave it away because son moved out *without asking him*😖😩😭

@cos @dadegroot @ajft @mike That one looks a great deal like my mashup of the two 918s that I made!

@futzle @cos @dadegroot @ajft I had the big 928 set and I can't describe how I felt opening that up one Christmas. Oh wow.

@mike @futzle @cos @dadegroot @ajft Woah I remember that set. I had it too. I remember it being very expensive and I saved up for it for a long time.

I do seem to recall that I was gifted it by my parents, so what probably happened is that they pitched in the last money that was needed.

Probably the best set I ever had.

@ajft Nice! I have the smaller version of that (I'm sure you'll remember they came in three sizes). Of course, I've put it "somewhere safe", so can't take a photo right now.

@ghostdancer @ajft

Yeah, I don't get that either. Have toy regulations changed since lego was invented or something?

@FediThing I've seen 3 years and up because the size of pieces or maybe in lego technich or creator sets 9+ or 12+ but 18+ is a surpeise for me

@ghostdancer there's some 18+ sets based on the complexity of the construction, I think they suspect a dumbing down of the audience. The 14yo in the house looked & laughed, told me to lock the box away or it might get "accidentally started" when I'm out some time

@ajft omg i haven't seen that in AGES

(looks closer)

omg they're reissueing it?

(looks even closer)


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