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Day 913 🌙 down to devilbend reservoir
Daily #cycling photos; to devilbend reservoir and back through frangistan

food smoke microwave 

Returns home to find house full of acrid billowing smoke & spouse busy throwing out burnt brown rice & the melted pot it was cooking in

Well well well, this new microwave oven is _definitely_ more powerful than the old one

typo humour 

half joked to cow-orker that I'd make an unboxing video of aforementioned parcel.... typo du jour.

"shall i make a nunboxing video for you"

9am, auspost "your parcel will be delivered today"

narrators voice, "no, the parcel will not be delivered today"

5.30pm, @ajft returns from the post office, where yet again a parcel has been left with the information that we live at "no such address"

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If you're in Naarm (or planning to be near us in the next few weeks) you could do worse than to go along to slv.vic.gov.au/handmade/ at the State Library of Victoria - it features (among other works) a printed (with a knitting machine) view of our galaxy (the process was unveilled at Linuxconf this year: youtube.com/watch)?v=c9O09IO1xl0 )

randomly follows another person purely on the basis that they had a tandy so cannot be all bad.

paypal bnpl 

Ugh, vultures

"You’ve been pre-approved to spend up to $1200.0* and pay later with Pay in 4 with no interest and no late fees.

It’s only valid until July 4th, so get in quick and shop at your favourite stores online."

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There's something vaguely amusing when the invoice from the plumber makes the irritatingly common typo in my name

Bill To: Adrain Tritschler

The joys of automated classification, youtube decides that all of Cornell Uni's youtube channel is bad content and deletes the entire channel


Oh yay. Got home from kid's hockey and the hot water system has died. Runs for 5s & turns into a dribble. Something blocked ... somewhere

acab cycling melbourne 

Had to happen eventually, lights go green, driver behind me plants the foot, BANG, smack into my hand and drives off. Off to local police station where they refuse to take a report as "no injury, & no damage to the bike". As for 1m the legal minimum passing distance, apparently that only matters if witnessed by a police officer


At least i've only got a sore hand


FD Hard Limit (1038090) Exceeded open_fd_count = 18446744073709551615 18

My goodness, that is a lot of open files. I hope they're all importent

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Day 901 ⛅ Benwerrin loop Daily #cycling photos; up the Deans Marsh rd, across the Mt Sabine Rd through the #Otways then down past Erskine Falls and back to Lorne
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Prompted by her recent death I read the only Dervla Murphy book we own. Great insight into what helped Dervla become the person she was, even if much of her early life seems to be very grim when looked at from a late C20/early C21 perspective

(comment on "Wheels Within Wheels")

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Shark tanks and mysteries of the deep: More than 160,000 fish are kept in Australia's scientific 'fish library' - ABC News

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Day 892 ⛅ more shopping
Daily #cycling photos; shopping with family on the revitalised AWOL
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request for hardware heglp/finding a part for sale :boost_ok:  

trying to find some specific screws for my wheelchair, and the best price I’ve found is like, $80 plus an unknown shipping fee. I unsurprisingly rely on my wheelchair for mobility and I can’t use it until I can fix it.

the specific parts are called:

1/4” high collar split lock washer

1/4-28 X 1-7/16” w/ 3/4” thread shcs, black zinc

1/4-28 X 29/32” w/ 3/8” thread low head cap screw, black

places that are in australia are ideal, I’m stuck using a very painful hospital chair until I can replace these parts. but I’ll take anything that isn’t trying to charge me cripple tax honestly.

thank you for the help, whether you are a hardware expert or are boosting this in the hopes someone you know is

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