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Face to face school returns tomorrow and I am unduly excited about it, despite the need to make lunches

Indirectly related to family violence offences, ref. political corruption 

I have just read the story in the Australian about the shameful behaviour by Sam Burgess and South Sydney Rabbitohs staff (inc. Rusty) and am struck by how differently NSW and Victorian scandals are covered. NSW corruption often ends up with everyone exposed in lurid, horrifying detail, while in Vic there is the faintest of allusions to heinous crimes and every single public institution locks in to prevent any consequence.

It's great for the lazy researcher that you can have a thought, type it in plain text with misspellings and find a pretty solid answer within a minute.

Every year as the AFL finals approach I look for a new sport to take its place, have had NFL, snooker and basketball previously but none stuck. This year I decided to try EPL but can already tell I value sleep more than having live sport to watch.

It seems she may never have received a work visa, or possibly someone told them Tony needed one too, and that was a bridge too far for the Chinese immigration authorities.

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Just remembered that Sarah Ferguson and Tony Jones are currently living in China while Ferguson does a stint as ABC China bureau chief. Not much from either on the treatment of Birtles (which may be strategic or because they are already imprisoned, or possibly some other explanation)


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