This one fell asleep during the final droid battle, taking the win.

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"Dad, Jar Jar Binks is my favourite character, I don't know what you're talking about"

Really didn't expect this

Do you know, the kids are right: there's something to this Nirvana crew

Am listening to the Revolutions podcast by Mike Duncan, just got to an ep from July last year (Tsar Nicholas abdicated, good riddance). Duncan was promoting his book, Hero of Two Worlds, at the time, and I thought I would look at buying it. Intriguingly, the audio version is $2 cheaper than the ebook one I could read myself. Don't understand how that works.

One of the things the many newcomers to Kyneton' only find out after they move in is how many evenings the whole town reeks of cowshit because of the saleyards being so close.

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I had an old axe head but the handle broke, so I bought a beautiful new handle, only to find the hole in the head is smaller than standard, so today I took to it with a farrier's rasp to make the handle fit, and I formed a blister on my index finger. Since then, TouchID on my work laptop has ceased recognising my fingerprint. I think I'm temporarily unable to leave legible fingerprints, so a life (or at least a week) of crime awaits.

Life is funny: had a totally wrong impression of where this whole thing would go. Resigning (or rather, telling them I was about to) shook loose a whole lot of clarifying conversation about my future here and I'm staying...if only you could make bosses have these conversations without leverage.

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"A jailed Porsche-driver..." was the news descriptor tonight, as though there's only one.

Going back to uni for a chemistry PhD, going to finally isolate the chemicals that make Aldi house brand beers taste like that.

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If you weren't aware, astronomers don't have a great relationship with Musk. A big issue for us is the Starlink satellites, which due to their low altitude and high number, already regularly interfere with ground-based observations. #starlinked on Twitter has endless examples.

We get told it's the "price of progress" and that SpaceX will make space telescopes cheap anyway. But that's BS: development of advanced space tech is much more expensive than the launch.

Oh great, now Australia is "hugely behind" in the military capabilities required to "fry" or "blind" military advances in space. FML

I'm in Sydney today for a trip I probably could have avoided by resigning yesterday, now I get to do it face to face, because I like to do things on hard mode apparently

Cop quote, alcohol ref 

This detective senior constable thought about this line. I bet they paused after "spilling..." for effect.

If your plane looks like the centre image, something is going very wrong with the landing

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The threshold for discoverability on Mastodon is pretty high, so be generous about boosting other people. Sometimes you're the signal, and sometimes you're the path the signal takes through the noise.

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Did a bit of a post today on the ghosts of old railway lines across Victoria. Now not even character limits can stop my ramblings!

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