Taking drugs never fixed anything.

Doing drugs helped a lot, though.

The cover for a science fiction short story I've been writing πŸ“ πŸ‘ πŸ‘½

Federated social media really is the 🐝 's KNEES. Thanks @aussocialadmin for setting this instance up, I'm McLovin' it

Reckon Apple's marketing team will hire me if I send them this? 😜


Tickled that Victorian Greens did so poorly this election.

I hate to say it, but they deserved this result. They have really, truly lost their way, and I think this reckon this is the tipping point for their slide into irrelevance.

Happy Victorian State Election Day!

Now let's all feel grateful that we have a functioning democracy with snags at every polling booth :democracysausage:

Why do all the protagonists from Castlevania have completely vanilla names like "Simon" and "Trevor"?

"Therefore in the case of people also, it is not pertinent to the question to know how many acres they plow, how much money they have out at interest, how many callers attend their receptions, how costly is the couch upon which they lay, how transparent are the cups from which they drink..."

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