@BathysphereHat my guess is “evolutionary line noise”, i.e. a creature that arose initially due to a corrupted gene going into a loop

@betsybookworm /me holding out hope for 2yo lap skeptics Snorri and ‘Dissi still.

If temperatures are low enough (and someone has left a fluffy robe on an armchair) then the force between cats becomes so low that particles can undergo Quantum Feline Tunneling to enter a uniform state of matter known as a Robe-Armchair condensate.

What server resources are required to run a Mastodon instance?

We (my family) are sitting around fantasy-casting “The Muppet Princess Bride”. Kermit and Piggy as the leads obvs, but so many great cameo parts. The Swedish Clergyman. Beaker the Albino. Sweetums the Giant. Miracle Rowlf and Janicerie the not-a-witch. Rizzo the six-fingered rat. Pepe the Spaniard. Prince Honeydew. The Great Gonzini. Fozzie the gatekeeper (oh, you mean THIS key, waka waka). Special Guest King Statler and Queen Waldorf.

@ewenmcneill yeah. Unable to find parts locally, so I’ve asked the German seller can they ship using a carrier with tracking this time. (Hmmn maybe the auspost support person mispresumed the declared value was in AUD, because 13ish euro would be about right, minus shipping)

@ewenmcneill well they admitted I could apply for compensation, but of course the seller (in Germany) lowballed the declared parcel value ($13 on a cost to me of nearly $50).

Australia, capitalism 

@futzle it’s not going to word.

Auspost have admitted that they have lost the parts for my coffee machine (or rather delivered them two months ago to the wrong place, which they say is nearby according to GPS and was photographed by the deliverator in lieu of signature, but which they cannot divulge). Auspost suggest I dispute the payment and stick it to the innocent seller. I am not such an asshole. BUT AS $DEITY IS MY WITNESS I JUST WANT AN ESPRESSO.

Oh, *that’s* why I was getting weird errors from a bunch of websites last night. I was coincidentally having my annual “try to do something on a windows pc” moment and just presumed that it had acquired some kind of malware.

song lyrics 

@DelphineUnseen did you try sending a letter before?

Selfie / Eyes contact / boos ok ✨ 

@Anzeliane entirely undeserving of boos. Who’s booing, let me at ‘em? ;)

reddit - hahaha this sucks man 

@Cacotopos @Posty

America: don’t be stupid, if Starship Troopers is fascist then you might as well say America is fascist

Rest of the invaded/bombed world: you are *so* close to getting it

Anyone in Melbourne looking for IT support related work, ping me and let me know you're available. I might know of something coming up soon.

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