If temperatures are low enough (and someone has left a fluffy robe on an armchair) then the force between cats becomes so low that particles can undergo Quantum Feline Tunneling to enter a uniform state of matter known as a Robe-Armchair condensate.

I failed at securing the zip on the cat run. Memo to self, coffee first then catwrangling. A very cold and contrite Thordis Longleap just appeared at the back door. Snorri Silvermane will, if true-to-form, emerge cobweb-covered from under the house shortly, as soon as he realizes ‘dissi is inside getting second breakfast.

My neighbour was having a clean out and asked me if I needed any storage bins before they all went in the garbage. HELL YES!

Kinda¹ scared to power on this 30 Watts of UVC LEDs (banana plug for scale)

¹ justifiably

And we're done. Look at all that board area in which to put silkscreen art.

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Picking miss 14 up after school today and charging her with “make my SMD part storage better”. Strips of 20 store nicely in books but longer strips are a pain. Started printing a bunch of these holders for strips off 100s or 500s.

Messy lab selfie. Only one here today so quiet as the grave.

It’s raining outside. Thordis Longleap is convinced this is a conspiracy by the hoomams to ruin her day. Not even Tactical Big Sad Eyes deployment is helping.

The building that now houses Accelerando IoT Lab has a long¹ association with technology, it seems.

¹ In the event that you still need a diskette formatted, we can probably do that, but give us a moment to rummage in the basement first.

Yeah, I recon a quick model of the outer shell of a Cray-1 (minus the pac-mouth) will be perfect for the "hammerhead" air quality PoC.

I’m thinking about what sort of enclosure to make for this “how sick¹ is my office” meter that I’m making for my partner. Maybe a teensy tiny Cray 1?

¹”sick” in the C20 meaning of the word

I was looking for a photo of something else when I found this picture of my middle son (right) patting our two (then) new kittens. They’ve grown SO MUCH since. Kittens have also grown.


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