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So Hi, I’m Chris. I make gadgets, or find gadgets, or fix gadgets. I have three kids. Two of them are cis but they’re not militant about it, and anyway it’s not like they’re heteronormative. My spouse is a mad (angry) scientist, formerly nuclear physics latterly genetics, yes you should be afraid. I adore cats, and wordplay. I would be thrilled if you’d show me your puNO CARRIER.

i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

Mr 18 (an ancient history fan) has landed a new paid gig talking about it. I'd guessed but apparently that's not a thing.

The dragon noodled around the delicious smelling box.

"What is it?" He sniffed excitedly, and I was thankful he was only a little thicker than my thumb, as he was as long as I was tall.

"Seafood pizza," I answered.

He yipped, "With shrimp?"

I nodded, and he looped onto my shoulders.

"Family! Come! Our new human friend Fyn--" he paused and glanced at me.


"Our new human friend Fyn, they brought us a most esteemed offering!"

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

And we're done. Look at all that board area in which to put silkscreen art.

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Zero airwires to go! 😃

218 Design rule errors to go. 😬

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Today at the Nerd Lab, Mx 14 and her bestie are teaching the new girl bladesmithing. I really gotta build a proper long-belt grinder.

Heading into the Nerd Lab for a day of mechatronics and popcorn with Miss 14 and her girl gang (regular band member) S and introducing on drums (and hopefully blockers) A.

auspol adjacent 

"Sharon sadly sweeps the crushed macarons into a bin, and prepares a new batch of batter. She's now 4 hours behind."

"Stephen looks sadly at the ruined motherboard, spilled solder pinning it to the bench.

'We could maybe rescue a couple of components but getting this crusty mess off the floor is going to be a challenge'

The line will run long into the eventing to catch up."

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based on how many people on dating apps are looking for "adventures," there really needs to be an app to connect people to quest givers

I have (with dismay) reactivated my as-real-time-as-possible Brisbane area flood level webpage at

@Unixbigot there's also @PleaseCaption which tells you if you forgot a caption

Somebody asked recently how to prevent posting images without alt text, but I forget who. TIL the “toot” client for iOS has an option for this.

Reformulating as the Three Tenets of IngSec




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Srsly besides “offices are poison” the second thing we keep from The Plague Years is “naps are productivity”. (The third thing is “make sure your video callers can see the cat”.)

This keynote was...mindblowing. had me in tears - both in laughter and in emotion for her story and what she's been through. An amazing way to kick off a conference - talking about kindness 💜 #AusCERT2022


The amazing, outstanding at #AusCERT2022


Witch King: (to palantír) I don’t wanna hear about no motherfuckin ifs. All I wanna hear from you is “You ain’t got no problem Angmar, I’m on the Mordorfucker.”
Sauron: You ain't got no problem, Angmar. I'm on the Mordorfucker. Go back in there, chill them Nazgûl out, and wait for Saruman The White, who should be coming directly.
Witch King: Sheeee-it Ainur, that's all you had to say.

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