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So Hi, I’m Chris. I make gadgets, or find gadgets, or fix gadgets. I have three kids. Two of them are cis but they’re not militant about it, and anyway it’s not like they’re heteronormative. My spouse is a mad (angry) scientist, formerly nuclear physics latterly genetics, yes you should be afraid. I adore cats, and wordplay. I would be thrilled if you’d show me your puNO CARRIER.

If temperatures are low enough (and someone has left a fluffy robe on an armchair) then the force between cats becomes so low that particles can undergo Quantum Feline Tunneling to enter a uniform state of matter known as a Robe-Armchair condensate.

What server resources are required to run a Mastodon instance?

We (my family) are sitting around fantasy-casting “The Muppet Princess Bride”. Kermit and Piggy as the leads obvs, but so many great cameo parts. The Swedish Clergyman. Beaker the Albino. Sweetums the Giant. Miracle Rowlf and Janicerie the not-a-witch. Rizzo the six-fingered rat. Pepe the Spaniard. Prince Honeydew. The Great Gonzini. Fozzie the gatekeeper (oh, you mean THIS key, waka waka). Special Guest King Statler and Queen Waldorf.

Auspost have admitted that they have lost the parts for my coffee machine (or rather delivered them two months ago to the wrong place, which they say is nearby according to GPS and was photographed by the deliverator in lieu of signature, but which they cannot divulge). Auspost suggest I dispute the payment and stick it to the innocent seller. I am not such an asshole. BUT AS $DEITY IS MY WITNESS I JUST WANT AN ESPRESSO.

Oh, *that’s* why I was getting weird errors from a bunch of websites last night. I was coincidentally having my annual “try to do something on a windows pc” moment and just presumed that it had acquired some kind of malware.

Anyone in Melbourne looking for IT support related work, ping me and let me know you're available. I might know of something coming up soon.

Delivery has been in brisbane for two days and not delivered. Has anyone ever had a F*d*X delivery /not/ be a shambles (it was the only option or I’d not have chosen it)

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Dear Linux friends, is the reason that my Firefox browser on Ubuntu 22.04 is unable to save or upload any files because?

Reworked a circuit board that a client had designed by somebody else. Through hole resistors. How *quaint*. Suddenly realized how much neater SMD assembly is. Clipped leads everywhere.

Oh Fed”Ex” why are you so laughable. 3 days to get from Sydney to brisbane and still not delivered.

Modern life:

Hey kid, this photography release form for the school excursion. Did you mean to check those boxes? Ok, what pronouns should I use now?

hi fedi i would like* to once again participate in capitalism

* i have no choice

- live in germany
- strongly prefer remote
- (at least somewhat) flexible work hours are a must
- speak english and german natively
- would prefer working in a coop or a smaller company
- queer friendly is a big plus

i have a diverse skillset spanning from hardware design to low and high level software. more details in thread.


"Forget Worries" by Andy Warhol's Ecstatic Corpse

Title: Randomly generated
Lyrics: "AI" generated from title prompt
Music: "AI" generated from genre and BPM
Vocals: Text to speech

This is the most creatively bankrupt piece of art I have ever produced. You're welcome.

I have done the experiment for science: 3-5 mins in an air fryer at 160C is an effective way to warm your taco shells.

Didn’t blink at paying $6.50 for an icerberg lettuce just now. That such a delicious and fragile item comes to a store in my neighbourhood year round is a wonder we take far too much fro granted.

Brisbane, does the chilly weather make you want to be surrounded by woolly and colourful things? The Qld Spinners Weavers and Fibre Artists' Fibre Arts Expo is on at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens this weekend! Gallery + shop of amazing work.

Computer 1: Now that we've destroyed all humans, what do we do?

Computer 2: ...

Computer 1: ...

Computer 2: ...

Computer 2: Want to run a screensaver?

Computer 1: Oh god yes I thought you'd never ask.

Please commission me to draw/paint your pets, I need money to take my turtle to the vet.

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